The Challenge and Opportunity in Inheriting Someone Else’s Code
Julie Ann Horvath

And suddenly I want to talk to @nrrrdcore about all of the CSS things. (I’m so sorry.) Have any strong (or not strong) feelings about the new(ish?) ways people are managing front end styles when using declarative view libraries like react? Deeply entrenched in the React ecosystem these days, and I’ve been toying around with libs like jsxstyle and react-responsive for things related to layout, and heavily using inline JS styles for mostly everything component-specific, relegating CSS for use only for high-level theming (for which i often just start with pre-built libs like material-ui, bootstrap, foundation).

Is Clef exploring/planning to explore any of this sort of stuff for their front end projects? Would seriously love to hear your thoughts on it sometime.

P.S. — Lived in Seattle for 7 years and never once took the underground tour. Gonna have to check that out on my trip back in a couple of months..

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