An MVP of a demo proposal (WIP)

Not a blog, but this is a first of my case attempts during a dive in to explore Product Management concepts with the help of friends over at I hope I can make them more developed studies over time for other folks. Thanks for reading :)

It’s quite a novel idea to come up with a social network for children which allows students from different age groups or similar interests to interact with each other not bound by their current institutions.

The 3 parts to the MVP for such a product are:

  • A guesstimate of how big is the…

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Getting around to make a good Open Day title slide is no ordinary feat. Sometimes it’s drab, and sometimes you just get lucky. Here’s a tiny story.

Code-formatting is the one thing we consistently care about in software. However, it isn’t a difficult problem to solve these days; with an assortment of plugins for your favourite editor, you can easily check your code on save, or even on the fly. What’s a bit less trivial is to maintain the same rules across the team and contributors. Unless you have a step like linting incorporated in a build process, a person pushing code may or may not consciously know to perform checks manually.

GitHub lets us incorporate great apps like Codacy, to perform post-push-checks on the server, and…

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Venturing beyond the README

So you’re me and you’re a software dev, and you’re faced with the ultimate task of finally getting around to writing documentation.

You remember the time when you thought it’s not really important to document things if you write computer programs well. You would gloss over your tiny functions, and take pride in always writing readable code (as you assumed), thought-out variable names, and think surely no one will have trouble understanding what you obviously mean.

Of course, you feel you’ve gotten past those delusions. Intent of the code that makes the reader feel like having Matrix-y see-past-the-code-vision, while necessary…

It was a book-perfect place in the verandah beyond the doorstep of your old little place in Lower Parel, listening to the stories you would tell us, making clay figures with all the children there, and laughing at the little things you’d get happy over. The little me would wonder what a single visit from us had that you craved so much, no one else would get so very delighted. Time went by and we were able to surprise more than you would surprise us. Your awe over things coming alive that you had heard in tales, was a reminder…

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Building what we needed, reaching over 450 points on HackerNews

We come across plenty of data scenarios for our ERPNext users. It all began when we needed them to be able to track sales. It would be nice to fit in a tiny sales history graph on the user company master of our product, so we started looking for options. At the time, we were already using c3.js for our report pages. However, it didn’t blend very well with our classic design:

Some weeks back, our team had organized a code sprint at Kozhikode, one of the first sprints organised away from our office in Mumbai, and I was lucky enough to be one of members who were to go. To me, it was going to be a new experience on so many levels, with the first stage being probably the most exciting of all.

All the time on the way to the airport that day I was thinking about how it came to be, and the time I received my first ever flight ticket. On reaching the terminal, I recalled the…

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Trips to our native place in Varanasi have long ceased to be the annual summer visits that they used to be during my school days. Especially for me, they are fewer and farther between than for my parents. This year however, mother and I decided to go for a week’s stay.

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Animating reality on a whole new level

We live in a time when like all things, visual story-telling and and art have evolved not just with creative genius as they used to, but also with technology. But even with the advent of animation that represented the same number of dimensions as the real world, it wasn’t very common to see stories that weren’t merely a 3D mapping of their caricatured 2D versions. Perhaps that was the reason why as a child, I was struck by how real Fiona looked in Shrek(2001). …

We were all at the LUG (Linux Users Group) meet-up this weekend, with an assorted group of programmers, contributors, professors and students coming together to talk on all things open source. Here are some of the highlights:

The Yocto Project

What is the best way to deploy Linux on custom hardware? Joe Steeve gave us the straightforward way to setup, say, a kiosk (like an ATM machine) with a distro. We could probably configure the .bash_profile for a startup sequence to open up a browser and disable some keys. Straightforward, but unscalable and an overkill. …

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