VR Experience for Airbnb concept

Introduction :

During our trip to Smokies, we came across this issue of not being able to find a lot of things in the rental house. For example, the blankets were kept in very unusual place. We discovered them on the last day of our stay. Out of that, I got the idea of creating a VR Experience where owner walks you through the house virtually.

A concept VR Experience for rental house companies like Airbnb, VRBO. When looking at the house pictures just won’t cut it. How about an immersive experience, of the house tour where the owner of the house walks you around virtually, narrating every small detail about the house!!!!

Objective :

The objective was to investigate about an industry that has the potential to be impacted by VR. I believe that using VR in travel and real estate industry can really be game changing. Both of the industries have a lacking point that is actually providing the customer with the lifelike experience and being able to visit the place virtually.

Going back to my experience in real life with the trip I mentioned above, it would be so convenient to know where the blankets are kept and where are the utensils for the kitchen. As a result of this, I came up with the idea of VR house tour, where you get to know details about the house and all the amenities that they have to provide beforehand, which helps you take right decision.

The implementation :

Persona :

Name : Karan Shah
Age : 24
Personality : Karan Shah is a traveller by heart, he loves to travel around and wants to travel the whole world. He considers technology as a blessing. He loves to spend time to know more about different places and different people. He always studies about new places that he wanted to visit. He wants to have a complete idea of the place he wants to go. He reviews a lot of material and a lot of pictures to get the idea of what is it going to be there.

VR Experience : Well aware of VR and uses Google Cardboard for some of the virtual tours for the apartments.

Sketches, Script and Screenshots :

Sketches : A top view of the house has been sketched out with all the waypoints visible around different places of house. This has helped me to create a better set of content and detail to each component.

First Draft
Top view of house with Waypoint Markers

The scene is created with several components that is built using blender, unity and some 3D models from turbosquid website. The locomotion technique used for the project is On rails and waypoint navigation.

Script :

Script to cover on each waypoint to discribe the house

Screenshots :

House in the Mountain
Instructions are provided to the viewer before starting the experience.
Cozy Sofa
View from the inside
Waypoint navigator
Items and their indications. To explaing where the item is situated or placed

User Testing

User test 1: During very initial stage of the development, the user though the mountain was a screenshot. In order to make it look realistic, I have added snowfall effect using particle system. This creates a sense of motion between mountain and the glass, resulting in sense of depth.

User test 2: Tester 2 suggested about reducing the content a little so. I have reduced the content as per his recommendation still keeping the main points that i wanted to cover.

User test 3:

Credits : Karan Shah (Real Test Subject*). {*No test subjects were harmed in this experiment}

Conclusion :

I am glad that I was able to address the issue that I had in real life and make a satisfactory model that can solve the issue for not only me but a lot of other people. I can see this a very feasible option and see this impacting the Real Estate industry fairly soon.

Whats next?

The goal is to make this more and more accessible to users. Add more dynamic content with animations to the experience.