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“Road trip with Siblings” How great of an idea is it ?

So, recently I started watching this new web series by TVF (The Viral Fever) Tripling.
Also, The Darjeeling Limited happens to be on television today and gave me this urge to consider the idea.
And hence this question.
That how is it going to be like ; a Road-trip with My own siblings.

Somehow, these two words separately create a different emotional response: ‘Road trip’ and ‘Siblings’, but when used together it all gets mixed and somehow it doesn’t appear to be that appealing anymore.
In ‘The Darjeeling Limited ’ we can see all three brothers being emotionally and physically distant for so long, having issues in their personal life and between themselves, traveling far within India in search of spiritual truthfulness and also in search of their mother. What it portrayed was how they were tackling with each other’s presence and behavior throughout the journey.

And in ‘Tripling’ it follows the same sibling scenario; distant, issues and a trip together.

“I wonder if the three of us would’ve been friends in real life. Not as brothers, but as people.” -Jack

And then this dialogue appears in the movie and I think about how friendship is crucial even in blood relations. Because we hardly see siblings traveling or taking a trip together unless it’s a family vacation or they are bound to do that, for some reason.

So, is Road-trip a more close-knit affair that we only prefer with our friends or our better halves? Or we would be just as excited with our siblings whom we love or not love as much.
Being a part of ‘three-sibling clan’ myself I think it is an important question to consider.

On many occasions, I have observed this ‘long-distance-love-showering’ tendency among siblings but as soon as they are in close proximity everything just vanishes like a fairy dust.
With no love magic to be seen anywhere. Maybe we are aware of this fact in our conscious mind or maybe we are not but our associative memory creates a good picture of us traveling together and that is why we bunk the idea even before considering it.

Few reasons popped up in my head why we don’t consider trips with our siblings :

  1. We are not that close. And talking might get awkward.
  2. We are too close. That will leave us nothing to talk about.
  3. We are less of a group and more of a hierarchical structure.
  4. Maybe because we are the eldest and the presence of hierarchical structure, we won’t be that free to totally enjoy ourselves.(eg Drink or to smoke etc.)
  5. Maybe all the above points.
  6. Maybe some other points.

Overall everything looks just damned to hell. And well ZNMD (Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara) is lot cooler and fun( Because it is a trip with friends).

For me, I think road-trip with my two sisters in near future is definitely on my bucket list. And everyone should consider a trip with their siblings too.