My Journey For Last Six Days

Writing : A wonderful way of expressing your thoughts and views.

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My Love For Writing : I love writing because it gives me so much happiness.

Common problems faced by the writers behind


2.Not sure where to start

3.Fear of rejection

So our trainer told us how to overcome them before getting into writing.Mistakes are common but then you have to learn to change yourself.


1.Through Qualities

2.Command over language



Let me tell you now about my six days experience in a workshop.

What you learnt?

Content Writing

Content: A piece of information that provides knowledge,learning,inspiration,value,entertainment and fun.

Content falls under four writing styles Expository,Narrative,Descriptive,Persuasive. To write a one at first check the headline in Co schedule. The score has to be 70.Then start composing the introduction in 100 words.Next write the body and conclusion.

Copy Writing

It is compelling the reader to take action. The content here aims at selling ideas,product.Examples are Facebook Ads,Landing Pages.

Effective Strategies :

1.Target Emotions


3.Use Simple Language

4.Ask Them to join

5.Provide the value of product

What is a Landing Page?

A web page we can go straight ,without deviations.

Lastly ,we learnt about advance search,how to use tools,outline,create logos to design.

How do you enjoy the assignment?

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We started doing the tasks in google document. Day 1 was headline and introduction .Next day we constructed the body with some images giving links. Day 3 we have been into copy writing .Day 4 was off. Friday’s one was shifted to google sheet.The primary goal of this task was finding a niche.Now niche is nothing just a focused area. Day 6 was writing fiction and our experience of content workshop,which is still going on.

Enjoyment is when you have implemented all correctly and created a fresh piece of content. It is also about learning new tasks every day.

How well do you utilize the time?

Well time consumption was full. You got to sit all day with the materials,your thoughts,researching ,writing and rewriting.


Listening to a class is a story but going through them is tougher. You are supposed to be surprised with so many unknown things.Confused,worried how to get into.All you have to invent alone. Also have to be punctual for the deadlines.

She has spoken about different career options of content writing. How to make money? Which are the blogging sites to go?



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