Is it smart to invest more in advertising ?

A brand that is freshly setting it’s foot in a market with a limited budget, has a lot to weigh in terms of where to invest.

Although Advertising is a small part of marketing , almost always a lot of the budget is allocated to it. Advertising is the first and foremost pathway found by any industry to enter a market and get recognised by the potential customers.

The fact that , it does have a lot of impact on the revenue generation cannot be neglected; But, can every ad make it to the hearts of the customers? No . Can every ad be effective enough to promote their brand ? No . There are epic failures and epic successes in advertisements. In short , it is not a reliable strategy to invest heavily on , with a limited budget.

Allocating more budget to kick start some initial offers , that swamps customers can prove more effective and organic. Those customers in-turn become the brand ambassadors and promote it further , creating organic marketing.

No advertising in any form ,is again a bad promotion. Striking a balance between these two is equally important. In the days when a well-written fb post can garner a lot of attention or a nicely articulated video message on YouTube can go viral , it is economic and effective to spend less on advertising and explore various other alternatives put forward.

But a question still remains , is bad advertising a promotion too? A very bad ad and a very good ad grab the attention . It’s up-to viewers to decide how it spans out.