Odia Letterforms

Letterforms are integral parts of any media. It is true that people relate to traditional forms best, and yet there is a lot possible staying within boundaries (staying recognisable). A consistent yet larger range in terms of width & weight of typefaces give the media flexibility to organise better & convey efficiently (bring order & hierarchy). Type communicates strong characteristics and lots of values, aesthetically. The following are a few drawings of Odia letterforms, in different contexts, offering a different view.

Odia - Indo-Aryan language mostly spoken in the coastal state of Odisha in eastern India.

Exploring joineries; Reducing footprint/congestion of forms; Open counters-

Geometric, Rounded
Round and squarish counters. Comparing different tools/stresses.

Finding congested spots-

Simple geometric repeating structures

Diminishing/evolving counters-

Geometric, Monolinear
Mono linear, Grid based, Tall, Bold
Rounded, Mono linear, Soft, Friendly
Vertical stress, Repeating forms, Joineries

Iterations to support bolder variants efficiently-

Vertical stress, Optical/Manual interpolation, Joinery
Calligraphic(latin angle), Humanist, Text, Interpolation
Below base forms, Contextual alternates, Adjusting corresponding x-height

Digitisation from drawings, Comparing & Grouping similar forms-

Calligraphic(latin angle)

Calligraphy, finding limitations-

‘Chintadhara’ — thought process; psychology
Blackletter, Variants, Breakdown of strokes

Odia pixel type -

Pixels, Variations in weight. 7*7 , 9*9 , 11*11
Soft rounded, Open counter, Condensed, Seriously friendly.
Interpolation, Monolinear, Headline, Black, Square vs Rounded

Consistency in visual language/aesthetics across script. Compared to TheSans-

Upright vs Italics, Humanist-Sans serif
Bold, Mono linear, Modern, Condensed, Humanist, Overlapping letterforms.
Comic, but not soft. Two forms, Curious
Mono linear, Condensed, Contour, packed tight
Geometric, mono linear
The strength or range of typefaces allow wider use and better applicability of any given language/script. They serve for functional as well as aesthetic purposes & convey the content with its tone of voice.

The exercise helped me understand the tiny details of type that convey so much. Also how to approach & what to keep in mind while working on a regional typeface.