Infinite memories

As I allow the horizons to explore me,

I learn that beauty lies in a threshold far beyond sight,

Sparked by the smallest of action,

By the simplest phrases,

Maybe even by just a look.

The theory of infinity,

Is limited to assumptions made by man,

But suddenly I start to understand what it means to me.

It’s not about living forever,

Or loving forever,

But knowing that someday everything will change,

And when it does,

I contain the knowledge that when my mind wanders places and reaches that memory,

Sparks occur like the first time.

A gesture,

Or a certain vibe.

The feeling that lasts forever or infinity.

Feelings that get inside our souls along with the memories made,

That don’t leave us until we sleep in peace.

Beauty is based on perspective,

Also based on the memories constantly makes us feel like magic,

Found far away from the threshold of sight.