This post is the second part of our Fast withdrawal in optimistic rollup series, where we discuss possible ways to reduce withdrawal delay. If you haven’t read Part 1 of this series, it won’t be easy to follow along with Part 2. Part 1 gives you a fair idea about the problem that we are trying to solve.


Let’s begin with a quick nutshell.

  1. In Rollups, Data availability of layer 2 transactions are ensured by publishing data on Ethereum.
  2. A sequencer “rolls up” the layer 2 transactions as a batch and publishes them to a layer 1 contract (Canonical Transaction…

This post is the first piece of our Fast Withdrawal in Optimistic Rollup series. Here we explain to the masses how deposits and withdrawals work in optimistic rollups (OR), withdrawal delays in OR, and how we can enable users to perform instant withdrawals in OR . Eventually, these thoughts are fine-tuned in the subsequent posts to arrive at a perfect approach for a fast withdrawal mechanism in the Tokamak network.


Scaling Ethereum Blockchain is one of the long term researched topics by researchers all over the world. A collective outcome of all the newly proposed solutions aims to bring low…

Praveen Surendran

Blockchain Tech Researcher

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