M&M is all we need

It resonated with me when I first heard ~12 years ago about “10–10–10” rule, I believe from one of the Oprah shows. To recap 10–10–10 rule (at least the way I perceive it), it is a framework to “think how my decisions affect in 10 days, 10 weeks, 10 yrs to decide on whether I would still want to do what I am about to do”. I have a slightly different take on the decision making process to help me frame my thinking, outlook & investment of my resources (time and money). This has pretty much defined my way of life since college days even though I was able to conceptualize it in these words & form since 2012, thanks to one of the leadership sessions I attended @Yahoo!.

Coming back to M&M’s that we need, one “M” to look back to and one “M” to look forward to. These M’s are mine and mine alone, I don’t have to justify, explain or otherwise reason with it even.

“M”(agnum Opus) to look back to

What has been my achievement that I am proud of as a parent, spouse, student, contributing member of workforce/society or any other aspect of me. This need not be earth shattering, Field/Noble prize winning feat that is written about in a dedicated wikipedia page :-). It also doesn’t have to be a constant or one thing, for that matter it could be one thing for each aspect of me (i.e., parent, spouse, student ….). I always had my “M”agnumOpus to look back to, think positive & feel good about myself. It also helps me stay humble, be thankful for a wonderful life.

M(acGuffin) to look forward to

I will not do justice if I explain what the word actually means, here is the definition from wikipedia.

MacGuffin (sometimes McGuffin or maguffin) is a plot device in the form of some goal, desired object, or other motivator that the protagonist pursues, often with little or no narrative explanation. The MacGuffin’s importance to the plot is not the object itself, but rather its effect on the characters and their motivations. The most common type of MacGuffin is a person, place, or thing (such as money or an object of value). Other more abstract types include victory, glory, survival, power, love, or some unexplained driving force

If “M”agnumOpus helps me to stay humble and be thankful, “M”acGuffin helps me be adventurous & excited. My M&M’s are extremely personal and meaningful to me and me alone.

Another logical question one usually ask is does all achieved “M”acGuffin’s become “M”agnumOpus after the fact. In my experience not necessarily. When I was 26 my “M”acGuffin was to live in my own home before I was 32, this was a huge deal to me as a 26 year old given the fact that I didn’t even had my own room as a kid etc., etc., I eventually bought my first home when I was 31 in Silicon Valley, when in fact when I dreamed about it when I was 26 I was in Manipal, Karnartaka! Looking back my “M”agnumOpus was the fact that I bought my first home when I didn’t have a credit card, on a H1B visa working at a startup that was just sold to Lycos with a infant kid more so than “I bought a home”. I can go on and on about my M&M’s at various stages of my life, as I said they are mine and mine alone :-). BTW my new “M”acGuffin is to ride cross state bicycle, I am embarking on bicycle ride from SanFrancisco to Los Angeles in June 2018 I hope I will complete it.

In my view, any one who is conscious about their M&M would have much better life than one who doesn’t. Hope this inspires many to (re)discover and highlight your M&M’s.