Top 10 Ecommerce Platforms to Build Your Online Store

This articles is about the list of top 10 Ecommerce Platforms to build your Ecommerce store. The list is made according to the number of active online store retailers and the reviews of the users.

This blog might help you to to select the best Ecommerce platform for creating your online Ecommerce website.


Magento is one of the popular names on ecommerce sites used by massive retailers. It is based on open source model development, which can be easily modified. The platform has a high level security, fully customizable and scalable and as well. Other features that it is important to create a high-end ecommerce website, provides a wonder.
 Magento is moreover like WordPress but it for e-commerce. In the case of complicated setup and management of store with Magento, the platform is not recommended for beginners. You can still change some of the content on the Magento platform

The Benefits of Magento are:

  • Good user experience which is easy to use as well as manage
  • 9000+ plug-in/extensions to scale your business
  • Free extensions that enable social commerce so you can sell on social media platforms
  • Extensive resource library for store management, growth, demos, and online community of store owners as well as plug-in developers you can tap for help

Magento is a market leader in its reliability and scalable ecommerce platforms; many popular brands use Magento as their basic online technology. This site is considered as the best ecommerce site for the corporate site online stores.


Prestashop is an open source Ecommerce solution that is declared under Open Software License. It is programmed in PHP language. Prestashop is used by more than 250,000 shops universally. It utilizes smarty template engine for PHP. Easy Customization, Mobile friendly, Innumerable themes & templates, multiple payment gateways and highly flexible are some of the major benefits of Prestashop.

Prestashop is entirely based on small and medium scale. It has some convenient in-built attribute like statics, membership and shipping tracking. Cloud technology and open source integration creates Prestashop a robust Ecommerce solution.

Marketing Features:

  • Custom store design with Prestashop Themes
  • Friendly’ URL structure
  • Order tracking Guest checkout
  • Encryption
  • Integrates with any payment provider through modules
  • Automated follow-up emails
  • Unlimited carriers and destinations to fine-tune your shipping options
  • Returns management

Prestashop is easy to modify. Even though it is easily customizable, it is significant only for performing some basic modifications. You need some in deep knowledge to perform changes in the coding section.


OpenCart is a free open-source platform for online merchants. OpenCart provides a great foundation for online merchants looking to set up a store with a professional feel and functionality.

13000+ Modules and Themes are provided OpenCart marketplace, to expand and expand your business. It offers beautiful themes on any port, payment integration, service integration, social media, shipping methods, accounting, marketing, reporting, sales and language packs.

Some features of OpenCart are:

· Multi-language, Multi-currency, Multi-store

· Product review and ratings

· Search Engine Optimization

· Backup and restore tools

· Sales reports and error logging

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4. BigCommerce: Ecommerce Software & Shopping Cart Platform

BigCommerce has its own particular share of Ecommerce development in the market. The most recent roll out from Bigcommerce is Bigcommerce Next (BCN), which has surely bettered the position of ecommerce shopping cart development platform.

Some of the important features of BigCommerce Next incorporate variety of responsive theme, exclusive framework for blogging, updates in BigCommerce app store, integration with Google Trusted Stores, traffic system that streamlines multiple marketing tasks.

Advantages of BigCommerce:

  • Clear UI for doing daily management tasks
  • User-friendly functions include automated returns, payment gateway integration
  • Quick & Secure transactions
  • BigCommerce University (BCU) for developers community to interact

5. Volusion — SaaS Shopping Cart Software for Instant Launch

Volusion is on another eCommerce platform next to Shopify, which provides an Ecommerce development solution in the SaaS model. It is the second best SaaS ecommerce site, selling over 40,000 ecommerce stores and $ 17 billion in business sales.

Being a SaaS product, Volusion rolls out improvements time and again that keeps Volusion-built stores updated in par with the emerging ecommerce trends.

Other key features of Volusion making an excellent site include round clock assistance, built-in email marketing system, PCI compliance and much more.

6. WooCommerce — The Best eCommerce Platform for WordPress

Before Woocommerce starts to say how good, this site has statistics about how popular it is on other 10 ecommerce development sites. Worldwide 13 million users use Woocommerce, which is listed on the more advanced platform.
 This platform is a boon for those who use WordPress platform as you need not change to any other platform to use Woocommerce. If you’re going to blog more about your content or your brand and discount on the main marketing material, Woocommerce is the best platform compared to Magento or Shopify.

7. Wix Online Store: Easy eCommerce Solution

Wix is among the top 10 ecommerce development platforms. The platform has some of the sharp features that attract the attention of ecommerce business. Designs are the first and foremost reason Wix can be chosen as the shopping cart development platform. The templates make it easier for adverts, intuitive, engaging, and clever UI.
 Text animation distinguishes your stores from one another to another. Like many other development sites, you can find many specialized third-party applications, newsletter tools, live chat software, online booking widgets.

8. Zen Cart — Online Store Management System Solutions

More than 100,000 stores use the Zen Cart because it is a flexible open source site. It is an online store management system that uses MySQL database. In fact, this ecommerce development platform came from existence after dividing ways from osCommerce.
 Zen Cart offers 100 pre-built add-ons, which can be downloaded and customized using any online ecommerce store running on the platform.
 Preferred currency settings, time zone, line and language can be set as per your requirements. In addition, you can monitor the performance of your products.

9. Weebly eCommerce Designer Platform

Like Shopify, Weebly is heavily dependent on the GUI, which simply simplifies the task of creating a complete functionality ecommerce website and makes it easier to work. Weebly site hosting will make it convenient for web store store owners. This reduces their time to market with a big deal.
Weebly offers world-class help with its own content management system for blogging. You can make advertising, writing, and marketing materials through your blog. Though it is feature enriched like other ecommerce development platforms when it comes to SEO, it has a basic website that needs to be an SEO friendly for an eCommerce website.

10. OsCommerce — Open Source eCommerce Software

OsCommerce community of over 280,000 store owners, though the platform is not a strong contender to the list, it has the advantages of its own set that makes it the best of the selected set of online traders. The first factor among them is its price. OsCommerce can be relatively inexpensive and easy to download.
 Over 7,700 free Add-Ons have been uploaded by the community to use and customize your online store with. The design highlighting and coding can be done without an expert coding team. Improvements come with ease even in OsCommerce built shops and they are very free.

So, these are the top 10 Ecommerce platforms that you can choose to build your Ecommerce website.

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