Enemies of Execution

The one who thought he’ll succeed didn’t but the one who didn’t think of success, did.. there are hurdles we don’t see or want to see in executing our tasks, reaching our goals and achieving our dreams.. a checklist of sorts -

Perfection -I will do when the things are perfect and in shape. This is completely BS. Please start and gain momentum.

Complexity — The more complex the idea is, the more we will procrastinate on it. So make it simple.

Not clear about next step — should i do this or that ? Do whatever you need to, take the next step and then things will follow. Even if it is a mistake you will learn something and move on.

Afraid of making mistakes — Everybody will make mistakes and then learn from them. Think that you are experimenting on something. Change your perspective. If you think that you are one who is repeating mistakes, then try writing those mistakes in a diary. Read through it once a month so that you get to see clearly about the mistakes and you can easily make sure that it will not happen in future.

I should see the end picture right now and then i will proceed — You will never start the work if you have thought like this. There is no such thing that you will perfectly imagine and then things will work out as you expected. No, not going to happen. I never thought i will be a software developer a decade ago. That doesn’t mean that I did not think through anything.

Laziness — obvious, isn’t it? Just take a little step for moving forward, right now.

Thinking that things won’t work out — sometimes yes, things won’t work out, but it is not an excuse to move forward.

Fear of failure — don’t tag yourself as failure, unless you really gave yourself 100%. If you think you did your best, then you are successful. Do all you can!

Need to work hard for it, not interested — Good luck! Try to find some other thing which is exciting you. If you have to do this boring work. Start some exciting thing on the side. Do it 30 minutes a day. You will feel alive and it will add more spice to your life.

Hope this helps wee bit in your pursuits.

Thanks to Anupam Gupta for the post design.