Turn off your TV!

Source: Google images

I loved watching tv. Our home did not have TV. But, when I took summers off from school, I usually go to my grandparent’s house and then watch cartoons all day(all night!). I was so happy watching those cartoons. I will fight for watching cartoons with my siblings. But as and when the media evolved, there are more channels to watch. What I felt was TV is consuming most of my time, but I am not used to be happy as I was. So I tried to look what went wrong.

I have grown up. I don’t watch cartoons anymore(Oh! sometimes I watch Tom and Jerry). Whatever interests me as a kid, don’t interest me anymore. Also I noticed that people are being manipulated by media(including myself). For instance when I turned on TV. I switch channels one by one and here is how it looks like.

Channel 1: Comedy. — Most of the time they telecast comedy shows, but sometimes I get to laugh at the jokes they crack. You better watch standup comedy in youtube and laugh your hell out of it.
Channel 2: Some stupid debate is going on about some junk topic. There will be a coordinator, who’s only role is to ask provoking questions to each and every candidate participating in the debate. Candidates verbally abuse each other. I doubt they might physically abuse each other,back stage!
Channel 3: News — One of the bad inventions of this century! Here is the channel, which implants fear, anxiety, hatred within you. Also informs you that all the hell is breaking loose. Watching this channel, made me think that I should leave this planet! Don’t think that watching news will provide you useful information, it almost never does. Instead read a blog post/article/book.
Channel 4: Good looking anchor hosting a stupid show. I sometimes watch this show. (I know what you are thinking!)
Channel 5: Bad looking anchor hosting a good show. (I know you will not watch this)
Channel 6: Dance competition related shows. The judge haven’t danced in years. (Yeah, they look fat!)
Channel 7: Reality shows, the main topic is about relationship between celebrities. Who is in relationship with whom, It is a complicated puzzle to solve. I am not interested in that.
Channel 8: Some political debate, which I am less interested in. Don’t listen to the conversation it is just some mindless people shouting at each other. Most of the arguments they putforth does not make any sense.
Channel 9: Ads . This is the channel which displays shows between the advertisements (instead of the other way around). These ads are intricately designed to lower your self esteem and sell the world class beauty products.
Channel 10: Plays age old movies and songs. Sometimes I love this channel. (Oh! also no Ads)
Channel 11: Shows channel owner’s social service activities and boasts about them.

I bet there are 1000+ channels out there, but most of them come into one of these categories one way or the other.
It is completely worthless to put in time and energy into watching these channels, instead you can do something good to you and people around you.

Nowadays if I watch TV, I will watch only comedy shows for 10–15 minutes and turning it off to never watch it again.