Why I write? (and suggest you to write as well)

Self help

I read my blog posts regularly and remind myself to follow what worked for me. There are countless number of self-help books out there, but I feel this is the real self-help. Most of the self-help books will focus on things that work for massive amount of people. I am one of them, but I am unique. I know exactly what works for me and what does not. When I document these things, and re-read it. I know exactly what is the next step to do.

Documenting my failures

I failed at many things. Documenting my failures won’t let me to repeat those and also it helps me to identify the patterns of failures. “the same kind of thing happened when I did X, I need to try Y in order to not to repeat the mistake this time”


When I write, I felt hat a lot of things is getting cleaned from my mind. Writing is the antidote to the confused mind. Just sitting alone thinking and writing will do the trick for me.

Following my own advice

I would like to follow my own advice. Advice is autobiography. I write what works for me and what I do about it.

Helps others not to do same mistakes that I did

I don’t want others to make the same mistakes that I did. I want other to make new mistakes so that they need not reinvent the wheel, instead they can reinvent themselves.

Sharing my tiny wisdom

Sharing whatever I do is a boost for me. I feel like I have shared my tiny wisdom with some people. As you get old, you want to share more things. You can share those with your loved ones. But it will improve only your family/community. But if you share it in internet then many people will get benefit out of it. The more better the people are, the more better the society.


I write all my frustrations in my diary so that my mind does not get immersed in the frustrations and repeated cycles of thoughts. Instead those thoughts are broken and I am able to think of solutions for each problem and take immediate action.

Stress buster

Most of the times I laugh at whatever I write, which is a great stress buster. Writing also helps me to be focused on my goals and ambitions.

Helps in planning

Writing helps me to plan my activities for the day/week/month. If something goes off track, I can easily make course corrections in order to stay on track or redefine the goals.

Improved written communication

Writing helps me to have a better written communication. Once your thoughts are organized, whatever you write will come from the clarity that you have developed. I am not the best written communicator, but I bet my written communication has been improved significantly once I started writing.

There are many more benefits of writing. Please comment below.

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