Tech Innovations in the Workplace

New technologies have greatly improved the way we communicate, produce work, and think about the world in which we live. As modern technologies evolve so do business practices and work culture. The workplace is increasingly becoming a playground

Here are a few noteworthy tech innovations to incorporate into your workplace:

Ambient Knowledge

In the future of the workplace, computers will be uploaded with software called ambient knowledge. This innovation allows businesses to take advantage of natural language processing and machine learning to extract information from a large database of employee information so organizations can assess more well-rounded view of employee skills and needs.

Embedded analytics

Big data analytics just got more amicable. New developments in embedded analytics or read technology will allow employees to benefit from dashboard and analytic functions that offer improved, data-driven decisions for the workplace community. Employees can expect to access and find better information more quickly and easy.

Personal IoT

Advanced workplaces can take advantage of the new personal IoT. The technology utilizes beacons and sensors to process features like smart badges. This innovation can be important for analyzing contextual digital signals like identifying when employees are approaching the office building, schedule conference rooms, or order meals.

SIlo Busters

This innovation allows organizations and their employees to collaborate more easily with each other. Ideation, crowdsourcing, group meetings, hackathons can build more constructive brainstorming sessions and decision making. It may also allow the barrier between hierarchies to be breached in the contemporary business world which can benefit more inclusive, mentorship practices and create hubs of information sharing.

Immersive Technologies

Businesses are already starting to embrace the immersion technologies like AR/VR. These tools allow workers to immerse themselves in conferences with gesture controls and AR and VR to simulate training tools. In the future, we could find ourselves in fully immersed workplaces without working in traditional office spaces.


Working from home is a more common feature in today’s society. This complex German software allows managers to schedule events like conferences and hoteling and develop physical environments that maximize employee engagement and spur-of-the-moment collaboration.

Virtual Personal Assistants (VPAs)

VPAs are a popular trend in high-tech workplaces and they are expected to increase in office culture. VPAs can save employees and leadership time by learning and performing personal tasks. For example, before a sales meeting, a sales associate can have the VPA search for recruits, gather online sales materials, and conduct outreach. Think of all the time you could save at work!

Emerging workplace technologies are simply amazing. They offer workers the ability for more efficient and proactive work conditions. In addition, more engaging and vibrant work can help business offer more substantial roles and learning opportunities. As time goes on, technology will improve both the functions of business and work capabilities.