How to click photography like professionals

My top-secret not-so-secret is to not focus on doing any specific thing, but instead to feel.

So follow these tips will help you :

  1. Shoot a lot, only keep a few.
  2. Posture and angles.
  3. Facial expressions
  4. Eyes
  5. What you are wearing.
  6. Grooming
  7. Lighting
  8. Background
  9. Move around and dance
  10. Take advantage of props
  11. Smile Naturally
  12. Don’t be too conscious.
  13. Don’t stare at the camera, look slight up towards the camera lense.
  14. Laugh, it may also look natural click.
  15. No huge smile .

Here is Some picture click by me :

Beautiful bride

I think these are lot of tip to make you professional photographer. You can also visit my blog

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