Will Cloud benefit everyone?

Cloud computing is one of the hottest buzz in the Information Technology, which has got attention of many stake holders. Success stories of Cloud migration is the biggest reason for this huge buzz. One important reason for this buzz is, cost reduction factor.

“In Information and Technology sector, success factors will generally depend upon Innovation or it will depend upon the cost factor”

As cloud helped the organizations to reduce the infrastructure cost and increased the quality of service delivery, it is able to create a big buzz in the Industry. This may not be applicable for everyone. Migration to the cloud can also increase the cost, than the existing model.

“It is not necessary that we need to move towards cloud as everyone is migrating towards cloud.”

Self analysis on the current structure and analysis on the migration cost should be compared before migrating the on premise environment to the cloud.

Short Answer: No, it will not benefit everyone.

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Praveen Kumar Rajendran