hackproject.org — Tracking cattle ITFied — {April, 2016}

Pravin Raj Joshi
Apr 11, 2016 · 2 min read

Problem Statement
need to track cattle when they go off to graze

Shailendra explains his problem :


Problem description
My mother needs to allow 4 cows in my home to graze around the home. she cannot be present all the time around the cows as she needs to finish her household works as well as tend to the fields. At the end of the day she needs to get all of these cows to shed. Most time 1 or the other cows wonder off looking for better pastures and she has to take a while to search for them. She looses valuable milking time as well as time need for her evening chores.

It would be nice if she could track her cows in some way, not necessarily at all times. Normally she would want to find the cows as fast as possible when she goes looking for them at the end of the day.

Ideally a mobile based solution would be great for her as she carries one most of the time.

My mother has a feature mobile phone with bluetooth.

Have not’s
My mother does not have access to Internet. There is no wifi on her phone.

my mother cannot read well. So it might be good to signal her with sound when the cow/s is found. She will be able to press button on mobile screen to start application.

Solution 1
Proposed by Pravin Raj Joshi

Material used
radBeacon — http://www.amazon.com/Radius-Networks-RadBeacon-Dot-Technology/dp/B00JJ4P864/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1459677045&sr=8-5&keywords=ibeacon
piBeacon — http://store.radiusnetworks.com/products/pibeacon

Deviation : does not use mobile device

Value of solution : faster to production. Cheaper and more easily usable that mobile.

— make sure the radBeacon is “ON” by clicking on the small button. It will blink green when it goes on. The battery will last for a year.
— put radBeacon around the cow’s neck as necklace using strong rope.
— Let the cows wonder off to graze.
— While tracking the cows, start the raspberry pi by providing it power.
— You will see a green light glow when raspberry pi goes on.
— Move around with the pi to known locations to find cow.
— The raspberry pi will give beeping sound when a cow comes near its field.

- Scan bluetooth IO for beacon every 250ms
- When beacon found check against cow beacon id
- When known beacon found, trigger alarm
- When unknown beacon found, continue search

Github link to project code : [http://github.com/hackproject/]

Discuss on Slack #cowBell Channel : hackproject
Read complete project on Medium :
Post comment on Twitter #hakcproject:cowBell
Schedule Mentoring session on skype : public google calendar or claralabs
Pre-req for mentoring :
— should know basic howto of raspberry pi
— should know basic of ibeacon
— should know simple python

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