Hello World Android Project.

First We open Android Studio As I shown Blow in Pics…

Then will be hit Next Button…

Then This Window pop out from which will select the minimum version of SDK supported by our Application .After selecting minimum SDK Hit Next.

After that this new Window pop out and we select Empty Activity Because We want just simple Layout then Hit Next.

Then we gave a name to our Activity By default it is MainActivity and We are going to give that Name But if you want to change it ,You can give Any Name whatever you want And than Hit finish.

Now your Project is created By going to activity_main.xml there is a TextView and set the android:text=”Hello World!” then run your project I already assume that you already known how to run android project if you dont know i will explain that in my next post. But for now lets just run the project.

And this will be the output. In my next post i will explain how to setup genymotion emulator and run the project on it.