Lessons learned from Clash of Clans

There are a lot of people out there who are addicted to Clash of Clans (COC) and its been the daily ritual. With more than 100 Million downloads and top gross collector on play store it sure has become one of the greatest mobile game ever. I do play Clash of Clans and I have learned few things from Clash of Clans that could be the life lesson. Following are things that I learned from Clash of Clans:

1) If you want to be successful then you will have to work hard everyday, be patient, be consistent and plan well. Only having the resource is not enough but the proper use of the resources is the key to success.

2) There will be a lot of people who would be ready to loot you and rip you off when you collect more resources. Be careful with those and defend your territory.

3) Always ask for help when you need one because there are people who are ready to donate you what you need. Similarly, be generous and help people when you can. This will increase experience in Clash of Clans and wisdom in real life.

4) If you have everything then you won’t be as happy as you thought you would be happy. You need to chase something in your life which will give you the purpose and reason for your existence. When I upgraded everything in the game then I had no reason to continue. Your life would be interesting if you have some sense of purpose and you want to achieve something constantly.

5) Better you get harder you should work. When you start attacking and increasing trophy then the game will be harder and harder and you will also be attacked hard. So, before moving to the top be sure that you have gained that ability to be there and defend your position.

Priorities in your life will keep changing as you keep growing.

6) There was time when all I wished was to have a Level 1 Barberian King and now I wish to Have a Level 20 Barberian King and Level 15 Archer Queen. I am sure there will be day when I would wish for other things.

7) The ultimate lesson is that your team matters. Always have a good team and a team who shares the same level of enthusiasm. If one guys says that I don’t wanna play this stupid game anymore then the spirit of whole team goes down. So, be careful who you are playing with in your life.

Please do share if you have any other things to add.

PS: Don’t start playing the game if you haven’t already started it yet.