S01 E02 Psychotherapy in the skies

I booked my flight tickets one month before the departure. When I was picking the flights, I subscribed to Skyscanner alerts but quickly figured out, that booking low cost tickets would involve a third party agent who would reserve ticket for me and a risk that I would get scammed. So this was no longer an option. On recommendation of some friends, I have decided to fly with Qatar Airways. The flight was one of the shortest. It took only 15 hours with one stop in Doha for a bit less than two hours. For a return ticket, (both with one stop in Doha, which means four flights) with both departures on Monday, I paid 728 euros. A bargain.

I was sitting by the window. The sky was crystal clear; it was a sunny day. I check my phone one last time before turning on the flight mode.

So long, farewell Milano. I leave my heart with you.

My eyes spotted the book that was resting in my lap. It was a book from famous psychotherapist dr. Zoran Milivojević. Formula for Love. My interest in psychotherapy began last month, when my friends gifted me a book from Jorge Bucay, Loving Oneself with Open Eyes. It was exactly what I needed at that time, so I’ve decided to read all the other books from this author. And when I did, well, Milivojević was the next obvious choice. I was exited to start reading.

How not to waste your life in search for the perfect love. I believe it exists. What about you? Do you believe? The only problem is, that for each one of us the definition of a perfect love is different. But what is love? Not perfect one but love. In general. Is it a feeling, a state of mind, a reaction? ‘You will know, when you will feel it,’ they say. Is sounds like a tautology. But it makes sense. Because that feeling will be a sum of your perception of what love is. This is probably why, sometimes, when a partner asks you, ‘what do you love about me’ it is difficult to respond. Sure, I like your eyes, I like your smile, I like your smell, I like that you read, do sports, that you are a good person etc. But the real reason why I love you is because you are what I perceive a love partner should be. In my eyes you are a perfect equation. My perfect equation. Isn’t that a blessing enough?

‘Miss, did you order a gluten-free meal?’ a kind voice woke me up from my sleep. Qatar Airways has done a great job in picking its stewards. Yes, I ordered gluten free just to avoid any digestion problems during my long travel. And I was glad I did, because I got a special service (of my steward) and I was always served first. Voilà! I absolutely adore food on an airplane. Maybe because I get to sit in a comfortable chair, eat and watch television. Eating like this or in the bad has always been my bad habit. Maybe I was a Roman living in Herculaneum in my previous life, who knows …

First landing in Doha. Funny how I felt relived, because I left but didn’t quite arrive yet. Like a halfway tunnel. I was proud of myself. I was strong. I made it. I was going to China. Alone. And I was successful at doing it. I smiled at myself and keept on going.

Doha has a new modern airport. Some might say it is the most luxurious airport in the world. So don’t be afraid to take a layover here. It is spectacular but unfortunately I haven’t seen much more than the gold-plated counter of the coffee shop, a lot of designer shops, some impressive art work and ‘quiet rooms’. Wi-fi and a lot of amenities they offer are free of charge. You will need a boarding pass number for using the free wi-fi, so keep that close or write it down from your Qatar confirmation mail. My transit was quick and smooth. I just changed the plane and didn’t have to worry about my checked-in luggage as it was already traveling to my final destination through fast transit.

And so was I. Reaching my final destination. Landing in the unknown. Did I tell you I have never been to China before? I got a bit nervous when standing in line for Immigration control. My fellow Hungarian friends have prepared visa applications and admission letters. It was at that time, I remembered that I packed all of this in my luggage case which I checked-in. So I waited for my destiny.

It turned out, I didn’t need those papers. My visa and Immigration card were enough. Don’t forget to fulfill the Immigration card before reaching the Immigration control counter otherwise, standing in line will be in vein and they will just send you back. And you will wait. Again.

I was out. I arrived. China, I’m here.

But where are the people from University that were supposed to pick me here?

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