*The Conversation*

‘Are you excited?’
‘Yes’, he said.
‘Geared up?’

‘You know I love this part of the year. It’s like birthday as they say and every time they present themselves with something new. Last year , I was mesmerized to see the arrangements. I just love to go there , spend time with them , have breakfast, lunch and dinner with them, I just loved it and I am missing it already. Do you know that their favorite breakfast is Vada paav. Have you seen marine drive? I heard them, saying that at marine drive they give you the best Vada paav of the world. Last year I didn’t go there , maybe this time.’

‘Vada paav? What’s that? Did you eat it?’

‘Yes, last year I made a friend. His name was Raju. He gave me vada paav to eat from his share. He was such a nice boy that he gave me his food, though he didn’t have another one. He only told me about marine drive’

‘Do you know , how much they are spending?’

‘Yes, according to reports , thousands of crores’

‘Disturbing , isn’t it?’, he asked

‘Yes, but what else can be done?’

‘Maybe they can spend this money for the benefits of unprivileged and poverty stricken people or for the betterment of the surroundings or for the development of backward areas such as education. Don’t you think, spending on these types of causes seem more sensible?

‘You are right my dear friend, but tell me one thing, why would they do so? Why would they give their money to anyone? Don’t you know their nature?’

‘But they are spending it anyways, right?’

‘Yes, and they will continue to do so, you know why? Because it has its own perks.They get a get together , I get to see the celebrations, low on life people get to know the new reason to enjoy , poor people get food , police get the work, sculptural get work and money both. Last year when I went there for 10 days, the crime was reduced in the streets. Wives of the husbands, mothers of the sons, particularly thanked me because their husbands and son had stopped drinking. It has many more perks as well, What else can you expect from this?’

‘But you can make this all happen anyways, why such tantrums?’

‘But then I will not get these days for celebration, right?’
Lord Ganesha concluded.

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