Indian educationists brought up on doses of hypocrisy, socialism (in thoughts only),secularism (of convenience ) & utopian ideas ( Nehruvian thoughts, if any) mixed up our national, moral & social values after independence. People looked towards our freedom fighters as icons who had just become rulers with great hope but majority of them had changed overnight. Rather than working for the newly independent State called Bharat they started consolidating their families & relatives’ position and some of them even started following ex rulers by following their lifestyle. Palatial houses with big lawns and servants in posh Lutyens Delhi were sought by these people and retained by family for years even after the demise of the leader. This led to dynasties as son/daughter were made the successor of the dead leaders. They in turn corrupted the society in all forms and built a ruling class culture like our British rulers. So much so, that the bureaucracy which had exploited us during British Raj become partners of ruling class & rather guided these new rulers of India in looting of the resources.

There seems something terribly wrong with the system as some leaders who had come up by raising above issues also became like the earlier rulers. Such experiments of changing the system many a times did not succeed as the liberators became much worse than earlier rulers. Indians pray to Almighty to give them good governance with credible people but every time they are cheated. Let us give five years to present govt. without any hindrances & then judge them. If they perform well they will be re-elected and if not, they will be otherwise shown the door.

Intellectuals and media should not indulge in politics and blanket criticism but rather think of solutions. Given the pedestal these pseudo-intellectuals are placed on by partisan media outlets, they have an inflated sense of importance, which is evident in the derisive and condescending statements made towards critical democratic institutions . Their frequent penchant for ill-advised remarks along with their prolific dissemination by a partisan media serves to only undermine the sanctity of democratic institutions. People shall come & go but our mother India shall remain. Posterity shall judge such acts as treason and our future generations may very well have to pay the price of of such foolhardiness. These intellectuals must not impose their thinking which they had acquired under one dispensation while sharing the perks , luxuries & camaraderie enjoyed by these rulers (politicians & bureaucrats).

Politicians all & sundry must not desecrate our democratic institutions & rather should salvage the democratic ideals and faith of the common people.

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