Last two weeks have been great. I am finally enjoying both reading and writing code. I realise that most of the problems, I had when I was stuck could be solved after a taking a break and reading the code calmly. There were times, I just sat back opened two panes, one of the left and one on the right, and just read the code over and over again, till I got what I was doing wrong.

These two weeks I have been working on completing the views for the web client and made the action buttons functional. Keeping the code similar to GTK client. Discussed which CSV parsing library to use for sao. Ended up choosing PapaParse, and later I tried PapaParse to support custom quote character, which is a feature we support in the GTK Client. …

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So this is the view I am trying to replicate on Sao.

As per the plan, this week’s goals were to get familiar with the source code of Sao and Tryton in order to figure out how to make the views and plugin in the code for import/export functionality.

This would be the only way to understand how Sao works as there isn’t much documentation on it. However, provides some basic insight into what are some of the things are e.g. Window and Form views.

I will be using

I spent the time fixing some more easy issues. By now I am pretty confident about navigating through the codebase for fixing the bugs (grep -rl to the rescue!). As I have already posted, my project is about Porting the CSV Import/Export module from GTK Client (Tryton) to the Web Client (SAO). I am trying to make sense of problems faced by people when they post on mailing lists and mentors always there replying. Then again it feels good that real people whom I may have never known are using a project where I will be contributing.

Honestly, I could have spent more time in community bonding period. Just waiting for my semester exams to end.

I am accepted into Google Summer of Code 2016. Will be working on Tryton (under Python Software Foundation). I will be developing the CSV Import/Export feature for their Web Client codenamed SAO. I am very enthusiastic about this as I could finally write a proposal for GSoC after failing to do so for two years in a row.

Would be working mostly in JavaScript and the many tools that come with it. Would be working from home this summer. Really wanted to visit another city. Just waiting for the semester examinations to end.

~Try Miracle

The topic makes our mind go towards the obvious problem – bloating energy consumption bills. The problem is due to unnecessary consumption of electricity by each one of us. You might even remember the repeated announcements at the morning assembly, “Students leave the appliances switched off, when not in use.” Believe me this very statement is one of the most redundant and ineffective ways to curb the problem. In our day to day use, we ignore the fact that our school is a vast infrastructure. Which means, we can’t simply apply our household traditional energy saving tips here.

The urgent need is to address the exciting challenges by newer creative solutions. Let’s note what resources we have. We have 2000 and odd students, about 50 teachers, an organized organization and some funds too! Now the question is how do we utilize these many members as an asset, rather than a lazy crowd of liability? …

a speech at school

Good Morning, everyone. Forget about the speech. Let’s have some fun. Let’s go to 1965, the year when there was no Saas Ki Kabhi Bahu Thi, because television was just a part of Akashvani. There were no DVDs then , nor any VHS cassettes. People actually had the only option to go to theaters with popcorn to entertain themselves.
1965, was the year Shah Rukh Khan (aka: SRK) and Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (aka: KVS) were born. Today, both are in their mid-age having successful and promising careers and are happy with their families. But, the difference is SRK is growing older and KVS would grow younger. KVS grows younger because it accepts the implementation of newer perceptions each year.
So what would be the KVS of my dream?
KVS of my dream is an open-source software, that can be tailored according to custom needs of the user.
KVS of my dream is the Apple iPhone, having strict fundamental design for seamless performance through ages.
KVS of my dream is the Google Labs, encouraging cretivity and innovation for progressive improvisation.
KVS of my dream is facebook, providing continuous and comprehensive interaction through its numerous inter-school events.
KVS of my dream is Kaspersky Internet Antivirus, a godfather, sheilding our innocence from corrupt conduct of society. …


Prayash Mohapatra

Developer and Volunteer

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