Qatar gave money to Al Qaeda indirectly in Yasuda release

It has been found that money was paid to Al Qaeda by Qatar indirectly. Be that as it may, the money was not meant for securing the release of Jumpei Yasuda, the Japanese journalist.

As per reports, Yasuda has been taken captive and held by Jabhat Fatah al-Sham. This is a group of militants with links to Al Qaeda. The group was previously known by the names of Jabhat al-Nusra or the Nusra front.

There are also reports which state that the group had demanded $10 million as ransom in order to let the journalist go.

As per the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the release of the journalist was made possible after a deal was struck by the authorities of Qatar and Turkey. A few sources have said that this release was only possible because of the payment of a ransom. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights is based in the United Kingdom and it monitors the ongoing civil war of Syria.

The Japanese government officially confirmed that the man who has been released is really Jumpei Yasuda, the journalist in an announcement. Yasuda was captured back in 2015 when he had been capturing the war in Syria. He is in Turkey currently after being released.

Taro Kano made his announcement and added that the health of Yasuda was good. Kono is the Foreign Minister of Japan. Another news conference was held by Yoshihide Suga in which it confirmation was given about the released man being Yasuda. Suga is the Chief Cabinet Secretary of Japan.

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