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CBD Product

CBD LION is founded in 2017 made up of a small, truly one of a kind group of diverse and passionate people with a like-minded slogan: Pride in Quality. CBD LION makes high-quality products that help you bring yourself back to greatness and make you the champion of your body, mind, and soul.

CBD LION utilizes an extensive background from the medical and recreational cannabis industry. It has set the CBD industry standards for dosage control, manufacturing in an ISO7 certified clean room, incorporating childproof packaging and educating their consumers on high quality, third-party lab-tested products. All of CBD LION’s products contain CBD that is derived from hemp grown organically in the U.S. and are THC free.

The CBD LION team’s focus has always been manufacturing effective, products and educating people about hemp, terpenes, and the endocannabinoid system. By upholding transparency, CBD LION offers consumers two-time third-party lab-tested products made with the highest quality CBD to maximize the synergistic effects of cannabinoids for an even greater therapeutic benefit. The third-party lab test results for each batch and products are available for consumers to access on their website. CBD LION has created a QR code standard, which means each product comes with a code that can be scanned for direct product test results.

CBD LION offers disposable vape pens, cartridges, shatters, lotions, gummies, bath bombs, flavored and flavorless tinctures, and Roll-on. CBD LION also offers its own line of tinctures for pets. One of CBD LION’s advantages is it has dosage control for each product such as graduated dropper in the tinctures and pump dosage for lotions or roll on.

Though the brand strives to uphold a seamless unity, each product has an identity all it’s own and it shows in every one of the products produced. CBD LION is more than just the selection of branded CBD products — it’s a lifestyle.

The CBD LION team is composed of passionate, well-rounded, highly educated experts who truly want to help make a difference in people’s lives, which is reflected in their premium products. CBD LION was formed as a family-owned and operated business. Each of the owners has seen and experienced the impact of CBD in different ways and are excited to share their knowledge and experiences with people.

CBD LION has been recognized in the CBD industry for its award-winning products and has received multiple awards for “Best Edible” at CBD Expo West, “Best Vape” at CBD Expo Midwest and “Best Bath Bomb” at CBD EXPO East. CBD LION’s products have also been featured on CBS — Chicago News-Post. In 2018, MSNBC ranked them as one of the “Top Five CBD Companies” as well as Buzzfeed’s Top 10 CBD Companies. Buzzfeed says they are one of 2019’s “top booming CBD brands to watch out for”!

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