Make your life better with Hive active light bulb

Hive is a renowned British gas company. It has recently announced a smart home range and launched smart light bulbs named ‘hive active light bulb’. It looks like an ordinary bulb and installed in the same way but one major feature that differentiate it from ordinary bulb that is connection & accessibility. It gets connected with your Hive iOS and Android app. It is a smart way that let you access and control your lighting system or lights away from your home. Hive has added a new range of customization options for home lighting in very affordable price.

Here are some features of smart and new hive’s bulb:

· Easy to install

· Simple to replace with ordinary bulb with the help of a screw

· Smart LED Light

· Control from your laptop, tablet or mobile

· Easy to set schedules of lights switch off , on and dim

· Pretty cheap

· Easy to use

· Energy efficient

· Deliver more light and uses less electricity

· Each bulb has 25K hours of lamp life

When you buy a new product from Hive, it is quite easy to pair it with Hive hub. Your account is updated automatically and it becomes easy for you to control your Hive sensors with your mobile app. This is the latest addition in Hive’s product line. You can control colour and brightness of bulb using app. Apart from this; you can manage lighting system of your home even if you are at office or away from home. The most amazing feature that makes it first choice of LED bulb user is scheduling tool. This tool let you set turn on, off, and dim times that can work as home security feature too. What an amazing bulb. It let you control and access your home lighting with Smartphone.

This bulb is available in both bayonet and screw-in fitting and works with existing Hive app. It is available to buy at very affordable cost and you can find them via many online stores like Amazon, DSG, Maplin and many more. It also offers colour changing and cool to warm white bulb. You can use this colour changing bulb to manage every aspect of your lighting. These options let you create an aura to match with your occasion and mood. This is really very interesting feature and people find it useful too.

Colour changing bulb is totally based on the white colour spectrum and RGB option. These are designed for those people who look a creative home lighting. This affordable hues based bulb can be controlled by using Smartphone app. You can also try cool to warm white bulb that adds the ability to select between a ranges of white shades. It comes with the ability to trigger lighting using contact and motion sensors. People can effortlessly ensure that they have right lighting system at their home. So don’t spend your money on ordinary bulb, just add a new addition in your smart portfolio.