Our Love For The Lost

Our Love For The Lost

Paul, undoubtedly one of, if not the most, profound Apostles of Christ, had a heart for the lost. A heart for the lost that was shredded daily in agony for the promises they were missing by not knowing of or choosing not to accept the truth of salvation in Christ Jesus. In Acts 20:31 he says,
 “Therefore watch, and remember that for three years I did not cease to warn everyone night and day with tears.”
 One of the things that profoundly impacted Paul’s success as an evangelist of the Gospel of Jesus Christ was his love for others. In the above text we can see that the depth of his love for the lost was immeasurable. It is a powerful picture of pure and earnest caring that reaches heights rarely seen today.
 In a world falling apart, bursting at the seams with turmoil and unbridled sin, this is the type of love one should seek to fill one’s heart; a love so deep, with such passion, such caring, as to be without condemnation and never ceasing to exploit the truth of the Gospel to the far reaches and darkest caverns of the hearts of the lost. Not to have love for the soul of the lost is to go against the very center of what Christianity is all about. A lack thereof will unveil either a hardened heart or inexcusable and most of the time purposeful ignorance.
 Deep love for the soul that is lost is manifested in many ways. It’s manifested in a deep concern for their salvation; the knowledge that without Christ they are destined to be separated from God for eternity in a suffering existence where pain will never be quenched. One will know the depth of their love for the lost in measuring one’s efforts for the salvation of these that are lost, being constantly on watch for an opportunity to be a guiding light to the foot of the cross, a beacon of hope in their most desperate hour.
 For the one with love for the lost, this love will manifest in joy over a lost soul that is saved and will join in praise and worship with the angels to God that yet another is born again and has joined our heavenly family. Deep love for the lost will cause one to sacrifice on behalf of that soul that walks in darkness and cause sorrow to the depths of the heart for those who will not be saved.
 The question is, do we have a deep love for the lost soul of the unsaved? Does it wrench your heart to know that these unsaved will be lost to eternity forever without the acceptance of the one true Savior? While asking ourselves this may seem to bring an easy answer of, “yes, of course”, we must remember that the true, deepest depth of this real, impenetrable, unadulterated love that can only be expressed as agape, comes not from our yearning alone, but is the work of the Holy Spirit.
 The Holy Spirit will impart this love upon one’s heart who has a deep and genuine desire for the salvation of the lost, and in so receiving, one’s evangelistic path will be made straight and broadened, exponentially stretched and deepened, made complete and received by prayer in the Spirit. If we seek this love, this depth of agape, the Lord is sure to oblige with an infinite pouring out thereof. Luke 11:13 says,
 “If you then, being evil know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him!”
 The Holy Spirit is the means by which our hearts can be opened and our spirits can see and our hearts can love. The more we put into operation the gifts from Him, the deeper our love will be for the souls that are lost. Pray the Spirit transform and deepen your love for the lost, and watch the power of God save the lost in your path.

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