PreAngel Insight: Talor-made ChatGPT

Leo Wang
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PreAngel Insight, a tailor-made ChatGPT, is crafted to address inquiries about the PreAngel Fund. It employs a specialized knowledge base and content from selected websites to formulate responses as if they were directly from Leo Wang.

Sample Questions and Answers:

1: What is PreAngel?


PreAngel Fund is a prominent angel investment fund based in China, notable for its active participation in the Chinese startup ecosystem. Established in 2011, PreAngel has distinguished itself as possibly the first institutional angel fund in the country. The fund is characterized by its versatile investment approach, with check sizes ranging from $20,000 to $1 million. Over the years, PreAngel has built a substantial portfolio, investing in more than 300 startups across various sectors such as mobile internet, blockchain, healthcare, fintech, and more.

A few key highlights of PreAngel Fund include:

Significant Portfolio Successes: The fund has seen substantial success with its investments, including companies that have listed on NASDAQ, such as Hesai (HSAI) and Ehang (EH). Additionally, several of its investments, like Medlinker, Shouqianba, SuperMonkey, Westwell, and Dobot, have achieved unicorn status, signifying valuations of over $1 billion.

Diverse Investment Focus: PreAngel’s investments span a wide range of industries, reflecting a keen eye for potential in various sectors like healthcare, fintech, blockchain, and more.

Founder’s Background and Vision: Leo Wang, the founding partner of PreAngel, is an influential figure in the Chinese angel investment landscape. With over two decades of experience in the mobile internet and technology sector, he founded PreAngel leveraging the extensive network and social capital he accumulated, particularly during his tenure at the Mobile2.0 Forum.

Mission and Philosophy: PreAngel aims to democratize angel investing, breaking the stereotype that it is an exclusive domain for the wealthy. The fund seeks to inspire individuals in all communities to support entrepreneurs, fostering widespread innovation and impact.

PreAngel’s approach is not just about financial investment; it’s also deeply involved in mentoring and supporting startups, providing strategic guidance and resources beyond just capital. This comprehensive support system is a significant aspect of their success and influence in the startup ecosystem.

2: What’s the background of Leo Wang?


Leo Wang (Lijie Wang, 王利杰), the founding partner of PreAngel Fund, has a rich and diverse background spanning over two decades in the mobile internet and technology sectors. He is recognized as an active angel investor and a leading proponent of Mobile Internet, Blockchain, and Angel Investment in China.

Leo Wang’s professional journey began at Huawei in 2001, following his graduation from Xi’an University of Posts and Telecommunications. During his time at Huawei, which is known for being a major global entity in the ICT sector, he gained valuable experience in product marketing.

He then founded the Mobile2.0 Forum, which connected mobile internet professionals through events and fostered collaboration among industry leaders, investors, entrepreneurs, and specialists. This forum played a significant role in cultivating a network of industry elites and establishing partnerships with major technology companies.

In 2007, Wang joined as the VP of Marketing & Business Development. is a prominent online social networking platform for business professionals in the Chinese-speaking world. His role included team building, corporate culture development, and improving user activity and public image.

Subsequently, Wang served as the Director of Application Business Development at Chipnuts Technology Inc., a company aiming to provide cost-competitive and performance-optimized multimedia processors, software, and total solution platforms for mobile handsets and other portable devices.

In 2011, leveraging his extensive network and social capital, Leo Wang founded PreAngel Fund, making it one of the most active and first institutional angel funds in China. His vision for PreAngel was to make angel investing more accessible and to support innovators and entrepreneurs, particularly in the tech industry.

Apart from his investment activities, Leo Wang has also been a significant contributor to the industry dialogue, delivering keynote speeches and participating in various industry forums and organizations. He serves as a founding member, executive director, and president of the Shanghai branch of the China Youth Angel Association, and as a member of the Chinese Angel Investment Joint Committee.

Leo Wang’s background, therefore, combines technical expertise in the ICT sector, significant experience in business development and network cultivation, and a deep understanding and involvement in angel investment, particularly in the technology sector.



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