Wine Divine

The Drawback of online grocery shopping is being deceived by the flawless image, one such experience is the Bangalorean grapes I brought.

I didn’t let myself be disappointed then. Now I’ll have a perfectly aged wine, with every passing year.

To be systematic, I made my own wine chart. I marked my way to the 21st day and then the next 20 days to get my perfect wine !

It’s simple, all you need is:

BARLEY — 200gm

GRAPES — 1 kg

YEAST — 1 tablespoon

SUGAR — 1kg


Crush the grapes and sugar with bare clean hands and once it’s perfectly squished add the active yeast to it.

Now if you have dry yeast, you would have to add warm( not cold - not hot) water to the yeast to make it active.

You can add barley now or on the 13th day. I added barley on the 21st day, after straining it clean and kept it for another 21 days. Through the 21 days, its necessary to keep stirring the mixture once everyday.

Keep in mind to store the mixture in a clean non-steel, non plastic container away from sunlight, with little breathing gap (cover it with a muslin cloth).

On the 21st day, strain to get the perfect wine. Store the wine to age.

I stored my wine in a Sula wine bottle