If web browsers were humans

I don’t know why this came to mind of all things that could have, i mean describing browsers as humans, who thinks of such a thing when you are having a delicious plat of chips and eggs(fried with veggies) ;) ?

Ok lets get to it before i start boring you with how i had my dinner.

The Most hated by a group of people who consider themselves, elites in this virtual world called the internet is ……. the most notorious …. drum roll…… Internet Explorer.

Internet explorer is a man that started his life well, had to fight back competitions(Netscape navigator) for stardom, got the fame and it got into his head so much so he became sloppy. Now that he has gotten old and other stars are in the field he is suffering from depression, nothing he has tried works. He has even tried putting on slim jeans, to fit in, to no avail; his saggy beer pot belly protrudes from his tight shirt and he is laughed at by pears, plus can’t get his fans back. He now just manages to survive by performing at beat up bars and shows with like 3 in attendance, fans only reach out just so they can get an autograph from an acquaintance of his — Chrome- .

Which brings us to Chrome the superstar, loved by all, backed by a giant management company and from a rich family yet still very humble and keeps in touch with fans. Has changed a lot of her styles due to fans request and needs. She runs an NGO that helps her fans develop new stuff to improve their experience with her. She is so in touch with reality that she is almost now the standard for what stars should be. Meanwhile one still wonders how she got here when there was a giant such as Firefox around when she came up, hmmmm Firefox, one barely remembers him now unless Chrome could not show up for the event.

Firefox, oh dear, what ever happened to him? He had such a promising future, started from a humble beginning, got an education, got a job at a fortune 5 company, broke out and owned his own, managed a lot of startups, blazed through to fame with serious flame as the fire that surrounded quickly burnt the Explorer almost into oblivion. We came to find that this fire was fueled by vengeance, Firefox was actually the son of the Netscape who was bashed and crushed by Internet Explorer. It would seem that once Firefox won the battle against Internet Explorer, he too became sloppy and now busy creating standards and organizations to keep those standards, now is this a fight for relevance? that remains to be answered. Though one thing we can learn from this is, do not put all your strength in trying to put down an enemy and forget your own health and well being (This part is just to make the story interesting, not to by any means infer that Firefox’s mission was only to fight Internet Explorer).

Next up is the hipstar, Opera, this girl has always cared for nothing, not possessions nor too much fame but for the happiness of those not rich enough to afford the luxury of life. If you are slow to grab stuff, she bends to help out by telling you to take in installments, if you are poor she says don’t worry i can compress the cost by doing your books so you spend less. Oh what a lovely selfless lady and she cares not for the so called beautiful things of life, she is a hipstar, That is our Opera.

If you have any other browser you think i should talk about like this please, let me know.