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No matter what type of business you have, you are in sales. You’re either selling a tangible product, a service offering, or more commonly, Y-O-U.

The number one principle in business is creating buy-in, and in order to create buy-in, you must understand who you are actually selling to. I mean more than just their age, location, or gender. You must truly understand their perception as it relates to what you have to offer.

If you’re saying any of the following to describe who your target audience is…

These days, the old “I’ll just let my work speak for itself” just won’t cut it.

It’s no surprise that technology, along with social media, is disrupting many traditional lines of work.

  1. People (and the Internet) are already doing it for you
  2. You can create your…

Let’s face it. Whether you like it or not, you have a brand. And it’s being created for you with or without your approval. But it’s better when you take control of it because you then have the ability to put out the messaging and perception that YOU want — rather than what others immediately perceive you to be.

So whether you want to get your personal brand together, your business’s brand in shape, or you help others with crafting their brand — here’s the one thing you need to do:


This sounds basic, but hear me out…

Through all…

Authors: Kyle Crooke, MBA & Precious C. Price, MS

As recent graduates who both recently relocated, and are beginning to travel frequently for work, we realize that thousands of other professionals are walking (in this case, flying!) in our shoes.

Given our current experience in relocation and travel-bound careers, we’d like to provide you with 7 key insights that will help you transition into your new opportunity. Accounting for your professional, personal, and social wellbeing during your transition is crucial with the level of uncertainty you are gearing up to encounter.

Use these insights to become intentional in your approach…

Let’s talk perception for a minute.

Perception is ultimately the way you understand and interpret what’s around you. It’s your viewpoint, and whether or not you perceive something as positive or negative. Every single day is engulfed with a number of experiences, and it’s ultimately up to you how you allow those experiences to affect your emotions.

Happiness begins in the mind.

When you nurture your mental stability and become conscious of how you react to situations, your mood shifts drastically. …

15 is a very interesting age where we are still figuring a ton of things out — and I say that as if throughout our entire lives we aren’t just figuring things out, but I think you get what I’m saying.

Physically, our bodies are changing.

Socially, we are losing and gaining friends at a very rapid pace.

And emotionally, we are beginning to wrap our minds around the concept of an intimate relationship and what it means to truly love someone.

When I look back on the time when I was 15 years old, I see a very utterly…

I love when people underestimate me.

In fact, I absolutely thrive in situations which I can tell that another person does not believe I’ll succeed.

This isn’t due to arrogance. It is only due to the fact that I know I won’t fail. (Sounds arrogant, I know. But let me explain.)

Failure is subjective, meaning you create your own definition of failure. If ever I fall short of something I told myself, or others, I would accomplish — it is simply a learning experience. I’ll get up, dust myself off, and try again. The issue in our common ideology lies…

How many of you would say that time is money?

I mean, throughout our lives that is all they say: TIME IS MONEY. But guess what? They lied. Time is NOT money.

Rather, time is much more valuable than money will ever be.

When you waste your money, you can easily get that money back. When you waste your time, it is gone forever.

The number one skill that successful individuals and entrepreneurs possess is that they have mastered the art of minimizing the amount of time which they must exchange for money. Think about it, when you arrive to…

You deserve every blessing that you have received in your life.

You deserve it, because you’ve worked for it.

You’ve put in the sweat, the tears, and the time to be exactly where you are. So don’t cut yourself short.

There’s this concept known as the impostor syndrome. To put it plainly, those who suffer from impostor syndrome believe that every grasp of success they’ve attained, is because of chance and chance alone. These individuals feel as if soon enough, the string of luck they have experienced will catch up with them and they will be caught and shown as…

So you didn’t get the return offer from your summer internship? Or maybe you did, but you are looking to keep your options open.

Either way, sooner or later, you will have tackle your career fair woes.

Check out these tips that helped me receive offers from companies such as Nielsen, Protiviti, EY, and Accenture:

(1) It ALL begins with confidence.

The aura that you give off to anyone is the energy that they will bounce back. Be confident that you have what it takes to get the job.

(2) Research is imperative.

Go into the career fair with the…

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