Note: This article was originally published as a thread on Twitter (@/preciouscprice).

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No matter what type of business you have, you are in sales. You’re either selling a tangible product, a service offering, or more commonly, Y-O-U.

The number one principle in business is creating buy-in, and in order to create buy-in, you must understand who you are actually selling to. I mean more than just their age, location, or gender. You must truly understand their perception as it relates to what you have to offer.

If you’re saying any of the following to describe who your target audience is, you’re doing this all…

It’s no surprise that technology, along with social media, is disrupting many traditional lines of work.

  1. People (and the Internet) are already doing it for you
  2. You can create your own narrative, and step into the driver’s seat
  3. Job security — the digital age is taking away jobs, but also creating new jobs
  4. Branding yourself creates opportunities you wouldn’t have otherwise gotten
  5. Create a community — followers that will propel you forward and support your future moves
  6. Monetize who you are


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