Why You Aren’t Listening Correctly..

When I was young girl, I would constantly get told that I have an attitude problem.

I mean, a day would not go by where someone — whether it be a family member or friend — did not critique my attitude. And for a very long time, I seriously did not think I had an attitude.

But as I began to grow and develop, as well as take on some self-reflection — I realized I had a VERY BIG attitude.

See growing up, I would repress my feelings and emotions. Then there came a time where I had to come face-to-face with every issue and demon I had been running away from for so long.

It was only when I came face-to-face with these issues, that I was forced to LISTEN — not only to others, but to MYSELF.

I am sure that you’ve heard a saying that goes somewhat like this:

“Listen to understand, rather than listening to respond.”

And while this is true, I would also add a bit and say,

“Listen to LEARN.”

Too often we are simply listening to combat what the person is already saying, closing our mind off to a potential growth opportunity. When you are in conflict with someone — or even with yourself, allow them to share their opinion of the situation, and evaluate your reaction to that situation, so that YOU could grow more in your being.

There is no such thing as bad feedback, only bad listeners.

This article is a part of a series, created by Precious C. Price, entitled #OneMinutePush. One Minute Push is an initiative which includes a series of videos and posts that encourage you to want more, be more, and place your life on the fast track to personal and professional growth.