Macro view of the rows of gold bars
Macro view of the rows of gold bars

This article first appeared on and was written by Eddie Van Der Walt, Bloomberg’s London-based gold reporter. and Ranjeetha Pakiam Bloomberg report based in Singapore

Gold will likely bounce back by year-end, reaching a high of $1,350 an ounce in the fourth quarter, said Daniela Corsini. (a Milan-based analyst at Intesa Sanpaolo SpA)

London/ Singapore: Gold prices will end the year higher, spurred by faster inflation and political tensions in Russia, Syria and North Korea, according to Intesa Sanpaolo SpA, the best forecaster for the metal last quarter.

Prices could take a v-shaped path this year, with a swoon coming mid-year as the Federal Reserve raises US interest rates, said Daniela Corsini, an analyst at the bank. …

Gold may have taken a dive at the end of last year, but since the start of this year, the price of gold has rallied 10%. With the Federal Reserve increasing rates twice since Donald Trump became President, gold has increased in value.

gold rallies in 2017
gold rallies in 2017

Tom Beck, the senior editor at Portfolio Wealth Global, reported a few days ago how the owner of the world’s largest hedge fund, Ray Dalio of Bridgewater Associates is turning to precious metals investment along with industrial commodities right now.

Mr. Beck said in his recent article about Dalio

“At Portfolio Wealth Global, we have been studying…

This article first appeared on Tim Money website written by Walter Updegrave

Is a traditional IRA or a Roth IRA better for you? That’s a question that retirement savers and financial pros perennially noodle over.

The accounts’ tax treatments are the mirror images of each other: With a traditional IRA, if you qualify for a deduction, you get a tax break on your contributions today and owe tax on the dollars you pull out down the road. With the Roth, you forego the tax benefit now to collect in the form of tax-free income in later life.

A recent NerdWallet…

gold ira rollover image
gold ira rollover image

There is only one difference between a standard individual retirement account and a gold IRA, and that is the latter only has gold in it.Other than that it works in the same way as a regular account.

If you already have an IRA or 401(k) in place, why would you want to consider a gold ira? We have talked on other pages on this site about the importance of diversification when it comes to your investments, and especially your retirement fund. You will like most other people, want to ensure you get the maximum return out of your retirement fund…

This Monday (27th Feb) saw gold rise to a three-month high of $1264.90 an ounce. This moderate increase has some economic strategists claiming we will see this particular precious metal increase in value even further in the not too distant future as investors move to this investment as a result of uncertainty within the political spectrum worldwide.

With 2016 seeing Britain leave the EU, referred to as ‘Brexit,’ there is now fear with the upcoming French elections in April that we will see a ‘Frexit.

Out of the three most valuable precious metals that people invest in (gold, silver, and platinum), platinum is the rarest on two accounts. It is uncommon in both supply and investing. For whatever reason, Platinum hasn’t yet been recognized as a valuable metal to invest in, even though at the time of writing this, its price was $1026 an ounce compared to $1255 for an ounce of gold. In fact at its peak in April 2008, Platinum hit the price of $2123 an ounce. …

Investing in precious metals has over time become more popular for various reasons. It certainly is not the ‘golden ticket (no pun intended) when it comes to financial security. But because of the options it provides, such as not being affected by either deflation or inflation, a history of holding its value, and probably the most popular reason, diversifying your portfolio, you can understand why investiture in precious metals, and particularly gold, is on the slow rise.

So what are the various types of precious metals available for investment? There are primarily five types, from the common such as gold…

Monex Deposit Company Logo
Monex Deposit Company Logo

Monex Deposit Company Information


  • Address: 4910 Birch Street Newport Beach, CA 92660
  • Phone# : 1 800–444–8317
  • BBB Rating: A+ with 6 complaints over last 3 years
  • BCA Rating: AAA with 1 complaint over 3 years
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Credibility: I will discuss this in more detail in the history section, but Monex has been in operation for over 40 years and in that time has built up a reputation as one of the countries leading gold experts. … logo logo Information


  • Address: Gold & Silver, Inc.429 Santa Monica Blvd, Suite 620, Santa Monica, CA 904019
  • Phone# : (888) 319–8166
  • BBB Rating: A+ with 4 complaints over last 3 years
  • BCA Rating: AAA with 1 complain in last 3 years
  • Trustlink Rating: 5/5/ basd on 3 reviews since 2011

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Credibility: Silver & Gold Inc, trading as, is owned by Mike Maloney who is regarded as one of the leading experts in the precious metals industry. He is the author of the book, Guide…

USA Gold Logo
USA Gold Logo

USA Gold Information


  • Address: P.O. Box 460009, Denver, CO 80246–0009
  • Phone# : 1–800–869–5115
  • BBB Rating: A+ with 0 complaints in last 3 years
  • BCA Rating: No Rating — Not Registered
  • Trustlink Rating: No Rating Not Registered

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Credibility: USAGOLD is one of the longest standing providers on the market, having been in operation since the 1970’s. USAGOLD, which is the trading name for the actual company, Centennial Precious Metals Inc, is owned and run by Michael Kosares. Mr Kosares has well over 30 years experience working…

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