You don’t just pick up the pieces and move on. You play this script!

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This article was first written and abandoned in my drafts 3 years ago (2017). Today I visited the articles in my drafts and I thought to myself, “no better time to share than now”. This time, you get to read the product of a date I had with a friend 3 years ago, somewhere in Lagos, Nigeria.

A few years ago, I met up with a friend for an evening date. We had not seen each other for a while after moving to Lagos because of the “busy Lagos life” or whatever excuses we gave each other. …

( I lived through. I didn’t kill myself like I thought/planned.)

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Happy New Year… Literally, because this is my first article for the year 2020. It has been sitting too long in my drafts and every time I go back to take one last look before publishing, I end up deleting lines and paragraphs I assume might make me appear too vulnerable to the public. But well, isn’t that what we need sometimes? Someone to actually share so we don’t feel like our struggles are entirely ours and ours alone.

Let’s take a walk through my life together, shall we?

Before the end of the year 2019, when asked what the most difficult year for me was, I’ll always respond with the year 2016. It was a really tough year for me and I absolutely thought nothing could beat that or top the year. …

(This is not a manual for surviving the Lagos life, because — Read topic again).

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Lagos ( also known as Eko) is described as the city of excellence, according to the books. It is if we take away the stressful lifestyle that has you switching between the personality of an “Agbero” and a gentleman or woman all in one day. Let me share a bit of my story.

I moved to Lagos in 2017. Prior to that, I was living in Yenagoa, Bayelsa where I had my National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) and stayed back for a few years to hustle (like the average Nigerian youth). …

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Smoke, burning pot, distractions, everything happened.

I have always wanted to write about this experience but every time I decide to do it, I imagine the stern look from my mum and just quit. Guys, she must not read this, else I’m screwed!

One of the favorite things I really enjoy doing is cooking. I love to cook and share. I rarely prepare food for myself alone — as stressful and expensive as that can be — and I really have no explanation for this, neither can I trace it to any source. …

A bit too late for a review of the last 8 months of 2019? I think not.

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Day of the Fair, 1963 by Andrew Wyeth cropped

How crazy that I am finally writing after procrastinating for such a long time.

Truth is, I am a bit unsure where to start from with this review of 2019 because I feel guilty for not writing for so long. But, well I am doing this. Just follow me through.

It’s been a crazy, yet beautiful journey over the last 8 months. Phew…

First, It started with no new year resolutions because I decided I wanted none. I just wanted to experience the joy of living each day in 2019. I only made a list of the goals I wanted to achieve. …

Dating My Best Friend Was My Worst Decision Ever…

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For the first time, I saw him shed tears even though he tried to hide it from me…

It's been a minute since I published a post… actually, its been a year! A whole lot has happened from the last time I wrote a Letter to My Future Husband till date and this is actually the hardest…

It was the year 2003, We had just resumed secondary school and I remember clearly that I was playing outside when I saw this really cute “senior” with a cane.

That was the first day I saw Caleb (not real name).

Fast forward to 4,5,8 years later, we grew to become really good friends because somehow we started working together in church and then went to the same higher institution. Though he was way older, it didn’t matter as we would do a lot of things together, go on random drives around town, watch football matches together, and most especially he always dropped me off after choir rehearsals. …

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I won’t need to teach you how to love me, because loving me will make you happy.

Dear …………,
(I’ll be back to fill in a name someday)

With every dawn of a new day, I wake up thanking God over and over again for blessing me with your existence.

I try to hide the tears of joy every time I stop to think of how much you’ve been a gift to me. The very little things you do always bring the best smiles to my face.

Read; Dating My Best Friend Was The Worst Decision Ever

Babe, I love how you wake me up with kisses on my forehead. I love how you tickle me with kisses every morning so I wake up on time to go to work. I love how you make breakfast for us because you know how crazy it is every morning to wake up our two munchkins, bath them and get them set for school. …

How 2017 Fixed Me + Tips On How Not To Really Mess Up 2018

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God turned the tables around for me last year and I guess that’s why he never gave me a plan, but an empty tablet.

I’ve read quite a good number of write ups and articles on how 2017 went down for a lot of people and trust me most of the stories have been quite emotional and deep.

2017 for me was a year of TRUE JOY, GROWTH and PEACE. I’ll tell you why.

2016 was a terrible year and I still call or term it My Worst Year ever because it pushed me to the bottom, brought me up again, tossed me left and right till I could “grab it by the ba**” . …

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You are one tough cookie…Stop trying to ruin yourself.

You will try to find happiness in places and people but then you will discover all the happiness you needed was within you but you just did not look well enough.

Its just few days to a new year (2018) and its been one of my favorite year as far as I can remember. It has not been perfect but all shades of amazing.

The past years had me going through phases I couldn’t unravel and accept as normal even though a lot of people said words like “its normal”, “you will be fine”, “You will learn from this”.

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“It’s not about what happens when your fire burns out, its about what you do when it happens.”

My fire is out! I can’t feel myself anymore.

I am broken!

I’m loosing my friends.

I just lost the job I was fighting for!

My relationship is crumbling!

I’ve got a low self esteem and I can’t help it!

Do you really need me to go on and on about that phase you were once in or presently going through right now?
I doubt that!

When things don’t just work out or it seems God isn’t listening to you, what next?

Do you give up so easily? …


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