Why You Need To Let The Pain Go

I’ve made alot of mistakes in the past... To me it’s alot.. Some I’m not proud of and some I’m happy it was Just a mistake.. 
Back in the days😛...i use to really be a wreck whenever I fail, make a mistake or make the wrong move. I’ll cry my eyes out to sleep, worry for days blablabla...

Somehow along the line, something changed.

I got pushed to the wall alot of times that I became bolder and stronger..

That’s what challenges do.. It makes us stronger.. 
It might come in like its unending. It might shake you up or your business so much that it would leave you feeling like a broken piece, but my friend, "that too shall pass".

  • There’s so much power in letting go of a bad day or a bad move.

It’s better than worrying. It’s better that lying in bed alone, playing dumb musicals to boost up your emotions. 
Today make a decision to let things go easily. Make it a conscious effort to live above what troubles you. 
Mistakes? Yes, it has been done and the clock can never ever go back. Would you sit and worry over what should be in the past? The future is now, and not far like we were made to think. So get up and get going.

You made the wrong call? Get it off your mind.. 
You were rejected and heartbroken, brace up yourself after the tears and move on. Try not to waste too much of your heartache and pain crying over what has been done.

You met and established the wrong relationship or friendship, Let it go. Get going. 
You tried a business and it failed, Start thinking of a different idea. Get up and get going. 
You applied for a job or tried a different approach to your job and it bounced back or your ideas got shoved away? Get up and start thinking of the next move to make.

Think happy thoughts as much as you can. 
Turn your attention away from people or situations or mistakes.. Change your focus. 
It’s easy for me to write these words because I’ve had my fair share of life. I’ve been on the other side too and somehow I’m better and still getting better.

Do not allow the spirit of fear or lack to override your expansion. Try a different approach to life.

It’s not so easy but you have to get up and get going.