The Added Functionality of DITA XML Content Management

Precision Content
Jan 30, 2017 · 2 min read

If you are weighing up the benefits of a DITA XML content management system, knowing the added functionality it can bring is an essential piece of knowledge to have before investing.

In this article, we highlight how adopting DITA XML content management can help your business or organization.

Structure and scope of DITA XML content management

Managing information and documents in an effective format is pivotal to an efficient content management system. The structure and scope of DITA XML content management allows for this functionality, by using a granular style of access to information and data.

In simpler terms, this means that particular information within data and documents can be accessed uniquely. This is opposed to a traditional content management system, which either allows or prohibits access to the entire file, with nothing further provided.

The importance of an adaptable structure and configurable scope is especially crucial for those organizations that deal with complex and technical documents. Each of these documents can then be broken down to individual components, accessible by a certain team or user, without interfering with the rest of the document, or data.

Reuse of data and information

While also offering a powerful structure and scope, a DITA XML content management permits simple and easy reuse of data.

This is critical for the streamlined running of content management processes, along with greatly reducing the time required to recreate or find existing content. In making use of metadata and other attributes, a data tree structure is created within the system, helping to easily find and reuse data and information quickly and effectively.

Growing community and accepted standard

DITA has grown to become a respected standard in the industry, helping to underline the growth and success of DITA XML content management.

In having a large support group and community, there is an increasing number of applications and tools available to help achieve your content management requirements. As a result, there is little better you can invest in at the current time than a DITA XML content management system.

Structured content experts

In order to find out more on how DITA XML content management can help your organization specifically, why not consult with a structured authoring expert today, as it could dramatically streamline and improve your existing content management system.

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