Why Content Strategy is Essential for DITA

Is your business, or organization looking to adopt DITA, but you haven’t yet produced a content strategy? If so, you may want to re-think your plan, as proceeding without a sufficient content strategy is likely to result in problems down the line.

The importance of DITA content strategy

When it comes to DITA, the more specific and detailed that you can make your content strategy, the more seamlessly the implementation process is likely to become.

The whole principal of DITA is that it assists with your content management, so if you imagine driving a car without directions, or a map, this is the equivalent of implementing DITA without first having a content strategy in place.

Experience and knowledge

One of the mistakes that many businesses, or organizations make when formulating and designing their own DITA content strategy, is that there isn’t enough detailed experience and knowledge within their team. This isn’t to say that they don’t possess clever individuals for the task, but having specific DITA experience is another matter entirely.

For those of you who don’t possess employees with an advanced level of DITA knowledge, then seeking a specialist is highly recommended, as this is one implementation where experience is essential.

Content strategy features

One of the most important features of a DITA content strategy is setting the goals that you want the system to achieve. Whether this is making reusable content easier to access, a reduced amount of authoring time being required, or improving consistency among departments, setting goals is vital to a successful and effective content strategy.

When determining the goals for your content strategy, these should be as specific as possible, allowing you to measure them at a later date to monitor progress and your degree of success. This also provides you with an ROI (return on investment), enabling you to use this information to justify the money and resources spent on the project.

After setting goals, the core strategy of your DITA implementation can start to be analyzed and designed, with the help of content strategy professionals, where required.

While it may necessitate increased time and resources to design a sufficient DITA content strategy, the more thorough and detailed your approach, the more efficient and successful the DITA adoption project is likely to be.