Dental Implant in India for Patients with Missing Teeth

You can see people with missing teeth trying to avoid smiling fully due to missing teeth. Their problems are not just limited to here; they also face problems in chewing anything. If not treated, it may result in various other problems. For them, it is important reach professional dentists or plans an appointment to implant experts who know how they can help you in making your smile fuller. They are offering you inclusive and effective dental implant in India for all kind of teeth and problems. You will also get direct implant that is done by the best dentist in India for implants expertise and experience.

There are a number of added benefits of dental implant in India that you will get from a reputed dental care center. When implants are placed, tooth is removed at the same time, the procedure is called as immediate implant that is counted as standard as it prevents any change in shape of bone and gum surrounding the extracted tooth. There is no denying the fact that it is convenient for the patient. It allows the surgical treatment to be completed in one intervention. However, in few cases, where there is a cyst or abscess in relation to a badly infected tooth, it is better to first remove the infected tooth and allow healing before the implant is placed. You will get a gamut of added benefits. A traditional implant treatment involved multiple appointments with treatment extending from 6 months to 1 year.

Some of the added features include tooth extraction as you will have to wait for 3 months for implant placement, implant placement — mainly if immediate implant, at the same time as of extraction and first stage surgery. In addition, unloaded healing phase (6 weeks — 6 month) and Uncovering of implants (second stage surgery) and Prosthetic phase (wait for 3–6 months for fusion of implant in bone) is also other benefits. However, immediate loading implant has changed the way of implanting as it is now possible to place immediate loading dental implant immediately after tooth removal to provide fixed teeth over implant in Just 3 days in case of few to multiple teeth replacement and 5–7 days in case of Both or either of Full jaw Fixed teeth replacement.

However, the follow up of 10–12 days are mandatory. You have to find the right dental care and implant centre and leave rest of the work on them. Precision Dental Care & Implant Centre is a one stop reliable name for such implant procedures.