Predegy, the AI sports betting platform, launches sneak preview today

Our whole team is very proud today. We are happy to leave stealth mode and show the world what we’ve worked on in the last months.

Ever wondered if it is possible to win sports bets in the long run?

Or do you play a tipster competition with your friends and are always far behind the others and don’t know why?

We invented an artificial intelligence to predict football matches. Our vision is a solution which combines these algorithmic computed predictions with strategy tools — for instance automatically choosing the best bets for you. Our customers should be provided with a competitive advantage in sports betting.

Predegy was founded this summer by Felix Müller. He has been working on the original algorithm and AI system for the last 5 years until he reached the sophisticated premium quality it has today.

Prediction card for a match

As a sneak preview before launching our full product, we will post match predictions for European top leagues each week and will give you more insights into the world of professional sports betting and analysis on our blog and via social media.