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So what’s the most effective way to learn how to code — individual instruction or team environment?

Economies of Scale

Before we discuss effective delivery formats, let’s address a specific artifact that often influences how instruction is delivered.

In many cases, it is more cost effective to deliver instruction to large audiences. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the most effective learning approach, especially for coding, where aspiring innovators have wildly varying amounts of prior exposure and experience.

Trends in educational delivery don’t necessarily represent the most effective practices or model real world scenarios. …

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We’re on a mission to change the way children learn about technology. For us, learning technology equates to learning to how to code — and we love coding! For anyone in the South Jersey area who had the opportunity to take one of our seasonal classes or participates online at, we put a big emphasis on teaching the fundamentals of coding. When we talk about coding and, more importantly, when we say that we should — well, frankly, we must — teach kids how to code, what exactly do we mean?

Coding is communication. It’s how humans “talk” to…

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In three years, the Computer Science field will have a over one million unfulfilled software engineering jobs, just in the US. The field is rapidly evolving with age and becoming increasingly advanced. It’s no doubt the bar for noobs is constantly on the rise. As parents and industry professionals, are we doing enough to ensure that our children are equipped for a future in the field?

We launched Predicate Academy in January of 2016 with a mission to change the way our children learn about technology. Lofty goal? Certainly. Over ambitious? Inconclusive, but promising.

When we started, we weren’t entirely…

Education should prepare young people for jobs that do not yet exist, using technologies that have not been invented, to solve problems of which we are not yet aware.Richard Riley

When I was in 10th grade I was “academically floundering” — a “C” and “D” student at best. No drive to do well in school. I clearly didn’t understand nor did I care about the big picture. Then I took a technology class that was given by a former metal shop teacher who had a grasp of the future. This was back in the early 1990s and the…

Michael Orr

Founder, Predicate Academy

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