Meet The PredictEV Team

What is PredictEV? It’s a revolutionary social network — utilizing cryptotoken rewards — that focuses on predictions. Who is behind PredictEV? Five guys who love sports, betting, and blockchain technology, and over the past year, we’ve come up with an exciting new way to blend all three together. Bringing with us years of experience in the business, tech, and legal fields, we’re thrilled to be working together to help launch the PredictEV network.

Nate pitching at the UC LAUNCH Demo Days Finals! Top 10 team from a UC-wide competition

Nate Shaw — CEO, Co-founder

A Houston native, Nate is probably watching Otis Thorpe and Mario Elie highlights at this very moment to remind himself of the good ol’ Clutch City days of Rockets basketball. After graduating from Rice in 2006 with a degree in Electrical Engineering, he played poker semi-professionally while also launching one of the premier Texas eSports leagues in existence at the time, E-Sports Live, with his college buddy, Brian Cohen (more on Brian below).

Next, Nate moved east to Washington, D.C., where he hustled his roommates in poker and video games for three years, including Ben Kussman (more info below). In his spare time, he received his J.D. from George Washington University in 2012. Nate then practiced intellectual property law for five years in Southern California at Vault’s top-ranked IP boutique before leaving to focus full-time on PredictEV.

Brian, with his constant companion Biscuit

Brian Cohen — CTO, Co-founder

The inventor of the core functionality behind the PredictEV blockchain, Brian was a classmate of Nate’s at Rice University where he studied Computer Science and Market Efficiency Theory. Brian was an early advocate of blockchain technology and had the vision of combining it with his interest in sports betting and prediction markets.

In the ten years since graduating from Rice, Brian has been involved with multiple startups (along with being Nate’s semi-professional poker running mate). Entrepreneurial by nature, Brian has thrown himself headfirst into building PredictEV into a next-generation, decentralized social network. A native of Florida but currently living in St. Louis, Brian’s favorite team is the last underdog winner that he picked.

Andrew at the Loeb Awards at UCLA — PredictEV spoke with prominent business & finance journalists

Andrew Sharp — COO, Co-founder

A self-described technologist, Andrew oversees PredictEV’s business operations, marketing, and just generally makes sure the trains run on time. Also a blockchain evangelist, Andrew previously led an operations team at another startup — Opower — which IPO’d in 2014 and was acquired by Oracle in 2016. A 2008 graduate of Tufts University (B.S. in Chemical Engineering), he received his MBA from UCLA’s Anderson School of Management in June 2018, graduating as a Harold M. Williams Fellow.

Through his wife (also a GW law graduate), Andrew met Nate and Ben — who have quickly turned him on to the merits of sports betting aka the beautiful game. A native of San Diego, Andrew roots for the Chargers and, when his wife is watching, her beloved New England Patriots.

Ben, probably on his way to Vegas

Ben Kussman — Product Strategy, Co-founder

An enigma wrapped in a riddle, Ben grew up in Los Angeles and only roots for three teams: the Patriots, Celtics, and Bruins. When he’s not talking himself into inane four-team parlays, he manages PredictEV’s product strategy and user outreach, in addition to his general counsel responsibilities.

Ben graduated from USC in 2009, allowing him to see college football’s best and highest-paid team up close. A GW law classmate of Nate’s, Ben worked at several Vault100 law firms before seeing the light and jumping into PredictEV on a full-time basis.

Tianyang at UCLA during his PhD candidacy

Tianyang Zhang — Blockchain Developer, Co-founder

Tianyang is a Senior Blockchain Engineer and works directly with Brian on PredictEV’s backend. Tianyang Zhang is a PhD candidate at University of California, Los Angeles. His research focuses on the design and development of next generation electric vehicle charging systems. As part of this research, he invented a cryptotoken-powered network that incentivizes participants to charge their electric vehicles on a renewable resources-friendly schedule. Tianyang received his Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees from Brown University and Politecnico di Torino, respectively.

The PredictEV team

And YOU?

Interested in being part of the team? PredictEV is looking for talented and driven individuals with the following experience:

  • Front-End Developers with React/Redux expertise
  • Back-End Blockchain Developers with Graphene/C++ experience
  • Social Media/PR Managers
  • Digital Marketing Gurus
  • And MORE!

Send your resume and cover letter to if you’re interested in the future of trust and predictions!