COO Andrew Sharp pitching at CES

Last week, over 180,000 tech professionals and enthusiasts from around the globe made the pilgrimage to CES, the world’s foremost consumer electronics convention.

Predictev was one of seven companies chosen to represent the Berkeley Skydeck accelerator at a CES consortium of elite university-backed startups…

So on the first Monday of 2019, Team Predictev packed up the Prius and roadtripped to Las Vegas for a week of pitch events, networking, and touting our blockchain-powered social network.

Our Company Keeps Good Company

Predictev’s CES experience was generously hosted by RAVV, a Chinese-based tech fund and AR development firm.

Each day, COO Andrew Sharp delivered a 15 minute pitch at the RAVV stage. Following the Q&A, Andrew and Marketing VP Brendan manned predictev’s exhibitor’s table from 10AM to 6PM, shoulder-to-shoulder with startups from Harvard, MIT, and Carnegie Mellon.

Team Predictev with startups from Harvard, MIT, Carnegie Mellon, and RAVV

Over the three day session, predictev engaged hundreds of CES attendees, detailing our vision and discussing consumer-facing blockchain with representatives from Intel, Google, Fox Networks Group, Volvo, and even French Energy giant EDF (to name a just a few).

The Revelation

CES provided predictev the opportunity to present our mobile experience to hundreds of fresh sets of eyes. Many sparked to earning crypto for making sports predictions. Others were intrigued by how our rewards-based event prediction blockchain could be leveraged for their industry.

However, predictev’s Eureka! moment occurred when nearly every single person answered the following question the same way:

Team Predictev: “Who do you trust on the internet?”
CES Attendee: “Nobody.”

The near 100% hit rate of this response was staggering. According to the tech-savvy minds at CES, the internet is fundamentally broken.

In 2019, predictev sets out to fix it. How? By deploying our patent-pending blockchain to reward social network users for their contributions, provide verifiable past prediction records, and elevate experts’ signal over trolls’ noise to make the Internet smart again.

Towards that end, stay tuned for announcements regarding the upcoming launches of our in-game pick functionality, new prediction chat platform, and the predictev mainnet. And as always, visit to sign up for our email list to be kept abreast of our latest and greatest.

Marketing VP Brendan Joyce manning the predictev booth in Eureka Park, the hotbed for startups at CES