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PredictEV: The Social Sports Prediction Game. Post, Vote, Score.

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Sep 24, 2018 · 3 min read

PredictEV — a revolutionary new social prediction platform — is proud to announce that we’ve taken one (giant) leap closer to building “The Smarter Internet.”

What was our big step towards this lofty goal? PredictEV successfully rolled out a publicly-accessible testnet of our lightning-quick, transaction fee-free, prediction-focused blockchain and paired it with a consumer facing product:

A Social Sports Prediction Game.

The PredictEV demo lays the groundwork for our anticipated mainnet launch in Q4, showcasing our vision of combining crypto-powered social networks and prediction markets to elevate experts’ voices above the rabble.

Put in simple English, we believe (1) fair markets elevate the smart over the loud and (2) blockchain technology will power the fair markets of the future. That’s why we built a social sports picking game that rewards crypto for both making correct predictions and engaging with the network in compelling ways. It’s a fun proof of concept, perfectly timed for the fall sports seasons. And importantly, it works.

Rewind to a year ago. PredictEV was just an idea shared by a few blockchain enthusiasts who liked to pretend we were better at predicting games than we actually were. After banding together, gaining acceptance into the Berkeley Skydeck Accelerator and UCLA’s Anderson Venture Accelerator, and rigorously developing for months, we opened the PredictEV testnet up to a select group of family, friends, and online sports handicappers. Then we held our collective breath. We saw our first users sign up, make picks, and engage with each other’s posts — each time committing a transaction to the PredictEV blockchain, whether they realized it or not.

Needless to say, the entire PredictEV team has been energized by seeing our proof-of-concept up and running. Most critically, our new and growing user base is helping us test our blockchain technology and patent-pending reward system. Two weeks into the NFL season, PredictEV users are making predictions, talking trash, and promoting their blockchain-authenticated records via their own social media channels. And we’ve already gone global with PredictEV users from 37 countries discussing everything from the Seattle Mariners to Manchester United and tons of games in between.

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Technologically, our testnet has demonstrated that the blockchain tech that forms the backbone of the PredictEV platform is near instantaneous, transaction fee-free, and ruggedly reliable enough for consumer mass adoption. By being able to process a transaction in 3 seconds, PredictEV’s blockchain substantially outpaces Bitcoin’s current average confirmation time of 12–30+ minutes and Ethereum’s current average confirmation time of 29 seconds.

What does all of this mean for PredictEV right now? With the legalization of sports betting in the United States, the sports prediction industry is set to boom. Combine this with PredictEV’s open and verifiable track records, as well as our forthcoming mainnet launch, and PredictEV’s crypto-powered social sports-picking game is in a prime position to score. With only a few clicks, fans will soon be able to signup and earn PredictEV’s native crypto token — PEV — for making picks and engaging with their favorite sports content.

Our successful testnet launch represents a critical milestone as PredictEV ramps up development and sets the table for a host of exciting offerings in the pipeline, including our live-streaming, in-game prediction app which will capitalize on our high-performant blockchain technology.

Stay tuned for further updates from the PredictEV team as we build The Smarter Internet.

P.S. If you need some betting tips, we suggest you check out the PredictEV Leaderboard!

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