PredictEV is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of its public testnet! PredictEV is a revolutionary, blockchain-powered social network focused on sports predictions and related predictive content. PredictEV upends the traditional social network paradigm by allowing content producers (and consumers!) to directly benefit from popular and accurate content on the network.

Your Go-To Site For Sports Betting Insights

The internet is littered with self-proclaimed “experts” doling out predictions that are (typically) of little value. That’s because these predictions are distributed on platforms (such as Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit) that lack two very critical components: (1) there is no way to verify a user’s prediction history; and (2) these platforms do not properly incentivize the sharing and distribution of legitimate expertise.

When you log onto the PredictEV network, you will be able to view predictive content about upcoming games from handicappers with a known track record. Interested in the upcoming Rockets-Warriors game? Scroll through that game’s posts and see picks from your favorite handicappers or those users that are on a hot streak. More importantly, on PredictEV, you can see why a user is making a certain prediction — allowing handicappers to better demonstrate their bona fides.

Before making any sports bet, PredictEV is the best — and only — social network that provides users with predictive content from handicappers with trusted and verifiable track records, all made possible with the use of blockchain technology.

Earn Crypto In Two Ways

Unlike legacy social networks, PredictEV allows both the content creators and the content consumers to share in the rewards generated by the network. First, PredictEV rewards content creators with cryptotokens for making popular, accurate predictions. Earning is easy. We’re all sports fans and we all have opinions on which team is going to win and why. Let’s say, for example, that you believe the Cavaliers will cover the 7-point spread against the Celtics. Simply log onto the network, make your pick, and explain your reasoning. That’s all you have to do, and making a pick is always free. You will then be rewarded with PredictEV’s native cryptotokens, PEV, based on a combination of: (1) how many users upvote your prediction post; and (2) whether or not the prediction turns out to be accurate. In this way, content creators earn cryptotokens for sharing expert insight in a way that no legacy social network can provide.

Importantly, you don’t need to be providing predictive content in order to interact with — and benefit from — the expert content of other users. Users on the PredictEV network play an important curation role; if you think someone else’s post has value, upvoting that post will allow you to share in that post’s ultimate cryptotokens rewards. Don’t feel like making your own post about the Cavaliers covering the spread, but want to either read analysis about the game for your own sports bet, or simply want some stake in the outcome of the game? Upvote content that you agree with and easily earn cryptotokens.

Creating vs curating in the PredictEV Ecosystem

Build Your Reputation

PredictEV is predicated on transparency. User predictions will be tracked and, since they will be stored on the blockchain, can always be verified. The hardest part about finding quality predictive analysis stems from the inability to verify that the “expert” actually has a track-record of picking winners. Here, you can actually view the verified track record of any user that you’re taking betting advice from. And, for those fledgling handicappers that have expertise to share, PredictEV allows them to demonstrate that value to users without the cloud of distrust that permeates traditional prediction services and touts on Facebook, Reddit and Twitter.

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We’re looking forward to sharing PredictEV with the world soon!

-The PredictEV Team

(Nate, Brian, Andrew, Ben, & Tianyang)