When you arrive in a foreign country everything excites you. From the smells, the tastes to even the layout of their supermarkets.

With my first month coming to its end, it is not foreign nor new anymore. It’s my daily life. And the one thing I’ve learnt is I am nothing more then one lucky sperm was born into the right country. I am nothing more.

In Australia, you can walk down the street in your summer dress, and get one beep, and that will make you feel uncomfortable. My new motto is “You do not know a catcall until you have walked a street in Monterrey”. My first weeks were spent in hiding, before walking down to the supermarket, you would wear your cap, sunglasses, loose clothing and keep your head down, avoiding eye contact at all costs.

Before coming here, I thought what I needed in my life was the latest Louis Vuitton bag or a new Iphone. Thats what has showed me the type of person I am. It’s heartbreaking to see the streets over here, there are children begging and the worst part is that that is their whole life, they don’t have the opportunity to study unless their parents are cashed the hell up.

The social status is incredible, if you’re born poor that’s your life, there is no exit or the slightest bit of hope for a better life, there is no retirement funds, men and women very eldery still work long hours looking famished and knocking on deaths door.

It’s the little things I have taken for granted from home, If you drive in a taxi in Australia, the driver might say something sexual towards you. Here your taxi has to be checked incase you’re never heard from again as foreigners sell for big bucks (I would likely be refunded as I would not make for a good slave).

I have a new found hate for stupid single mattresses, trust me adapting to a single bed has been a painful process with many brusies and bumps occurring from being used to a small ‘luxury’.

In Australia we strive to be successful, be the CEO of a major company, and the most heartbreaking part is that every day while we are wishing for more, there is people who would give anything they have to live like us. Their dream is to feel safe in a country which is fair and full of opportunities. And definitely jumping and running for cover everytime a car backfires or someone lights a firework.

It’s a sense of being thankful for every little thing, I have never thought about my Mum so much, and how much she has done for me and entitled me to live a privleged life that I was oblivious to.