Stop the drama..Believe in Yourself & Your Dreams!

He who has health, has hope. And he who has hope, has everything.
-Benjamin Franklin

Stop please!

I m done with the drama! The “hope” that everything is going to be alright.

Just when I thought things were settling down with my “unnamed” autoimmune issue, its not over yet! I have been getting treated for the last four years for an health issue that doesn’t even have a name.

Yes, for over F-O-U-R years now, I am a lab rat to trials of medicines & restrictions to make sure nothing goes wrong with my symptoms. Even the best docs at Stanford Hospital shook their heads in vain. It has remained a mystery, that has challenged me to keep my spirits high and hope for a brighter day. Every morning, I diligently follow my prescriptions and my diet restrictions and yet when the symptoms show up — it is aggravating! It takes a while to accept it and take it as a minor setback. But I thought there are many others out there like me, who are waiting to see a better day & muster their courage to take the day to night and night to day.

Stop — Yes stop waiting! Nothing or nobody is going to stop for you, let alone why wait for you.

Time is what we have in hand and can control.

Why can’t we just stay put on track and bolster up to take the roadblocks down? Don’t let your weakness hold you back from cherishing a day. I know I ought to live my life like there is no tomorrow. We all should.

If you are at such a breakpoint, there is only one person who can help you- YOU. Overtime, I have developed a ritual to gather my courage & R-I-S-E.

My ritual enlisted:

  1. Pause.
  2. Take a step back in time and re-assess the situation.
  3. How bad are your symptoms? Talk to myself about what We (as in my body & mind) have been through in the past.
  4. Then, I think of my vision to build my own company and be able to learn Spanish well, travel around the world and in the long term build a world-class education system for special kids in India. — The list is endless for what all I can achieve and give back to mankind as one individual.
  5. A health issue is a temporary problem & I can dream of being anyone I want to be. Focus on your immediate goals & …
  6. I watch the pain alleviate.
  7. And I am ready to take on the challenges life has to throw at me..
  8. And I S-m-i-l-e!
Smile & Spread Joy! Photo Source:

Self-assurance really works better than any of the meds I have taken.

Believe in yourself more than you believe in anything or anyone. In the end, the “hope” is what we have to look forward to another bright and sunny day! :)

Happy Mind — Happy Body!