A Poem For Those of Us Who Love To Code

Who are we, where are we, why are we

Floating on this river of time

Staring down at our cellphones

As the sky showers radio waves

Gazing at electronic sunsets

Gorging down words, at the speed of light

As the moments turn into electronic memories

Untouched when they were alive

Who are we, where are we, why are we

So wrapped up in…

Variable names, version bumps, last minute demos

And our imaginary conversations…

With servers…

Holding on to the warmth of the coffee cup

Trying to measure up the world in numbers

stocks, launches, IPOs, polls, pizza slices

Who are we, where are we, and why are we

Forever embracing the innocence of our hoodies

Summing up life in a few lines of code, everyday

Gazing on at a version of the world reflecting us

Who are we, where are we, why are we

Nestled in the wonderfulness of California

Birds of a flock, changing the world…

One commit at a time…

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