Supporting Spouse

When I am talking about supporting spouse, I am obviously talking about wives who no matter what, support their husbands throughout.
Many times the adjustments a woman has to make, seem ordinary and most of the times taken granted by the society.
Having myself moved around the length and breath of the country, shifting locations and ten houses in my twenty one years of marriage with my husbands change in career, I have realized what it is like, to be a supporting wife.

It’s often seen that a wife is the one who has to move out of her comfort zone.
When a spouse moves from his work place to a new place, he does it mostly by choice. Agreed, he too has his own challenges working in a new environment, dealing with new set of people. But then for his wife the struggle is much more as she has left behind her family & friends, an environment she had adapted and adjusted to and a place which had become her comfort zone.
The future may seem uncertain and she often feels lonely and left behind in the new city.
While the man is busy struggling with his job transition and adapting to his new work place, children do get frustated having no friends to play.
It’s very important to think about the wife, kids and their needs before relocating to any place.
Children are actually the first to adapt and adjust but it may happen that they too may find that difficult and in case they are not able to fit in their new school or neighbourhood, the entire family may get affected.
Mostly one moves to a different place for raise in pay. But one still needs to see the pros and cons before moving to a new place as no amout of money can make a person happy.

Social life is very important, you may make new friends at your work place, but it should be seen that your wife gets an opportunity to make friends as well. It should not be forgotten that she has left back her family, friends, city, to be with you. It’s possible that she feels isolated and lonely.

Also it’s very important that there are kids in the neighbourhood of your child’s age. See to it that your child continues with his activities.

Most importantly, your time with your family cannot be compromised specially the weekends and after work hours.
Encourage your family, assure them that you love them and be supportive of their ideas.
Do not forget that they are with you, supporting you. It’s your duty to make them feel comfortable, happy and secured.

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