5 Things No One Told You About Marketing Automation

There’s always been a constant requirement of generating more and more leads, the leads are also required to be qualified to achieve desired outcome. With an objective to maintain accuracy and achieving results it is important to work through the marketing sales funnel which makes it more complicated and takes longer since majority of the process is online now!

Here comes the marketing automation to your rescue, with the powerful tools that will automate the large part in your sales funnel so that you have plenty of time for personalization and nurturing leads. With marketing automation in process, you will stick to your traditional process of lead generation, lead nurturing and closing leads, but more effectively with the advanced marketing tools.

Know the 5 things that no one told you about marketing automation and why you should never ditch it:

1. Increased Inbound Traffic and Personalized lead nurturing

Social media marketing and content marketing can work together to maximize inbound traffic on site. Inbound marketing is a blend of marketing strategies that involves content promotion through social channels to make the optimum use of social channels while also maintaining social presence.

Optimizing marketing efforts and keeping track of all the related activities hence becomes difficult with time since there are varied methods and approaches are used for marketing each of which has its own way to implementation and processing.

Marketing automation has a part to play in this long and tedious process. Automating the process saves time and give 100% accurate results.

2. Data Accuracy

One of the big issues marketers face today is the accuracy of data, automated lead generation and marketing will provide you loads of data but the data isn’t assured to be valid. Since it is an era of permission based email marketing, the data which is often collected by bots is low-quality, unverified can create issues

Don’t worry, there’s a way to work around this. You will need to setup filters that will filter out fake accounts and you can always command bots to disallow information from invalid sources that are previously defined by you. Along with this you will also have to discuss the standards of quality data before starting a campaign.

3. Spam

Many companies choose to automate their marketing process to enhance performance and accuracy. The marketing automation cannot have negative effects unless it is been used that way. The only points to remember is that the content needs to be relevant and it has to be personalized and should resonate with the audience.

Email marketing automation provides you the opportunity to analyze information and content to your prospects based on who they are, what they like, and how they found your business. It allows you to engage with the prospects conversationally and guide them through the sales funnel and closing leads.

4. Easy Testing

Marketing automation allows to quickly analyze what works for your business. With A/B Testing you can easily monitor your performance for different approaches and test for the best results and improve marketing strategies.

Like email marketing, marketing automation can also help you with other process in your marketing cycle.

5. Closing A Deal

While counting in marketing automation, you have automated email and social media campaigns. To get desired results you will also need to able to provide great user experience. The leads are to be nurtured with a human touch.

Ensure that the process doesn’t seem as being aggressively pursued by an automated system. Know how to manage sales leads or by mapping out the buyer’s journey and detailing the variety of customer buying cycles that can take place you will be able to provide a better user experience.

It’s evident that marketing automation is the best way to optimize your marketing strategy. It is also important for your business to think about your marketing efforts throughout the entire sales funnel and inline them with the automation. Valasys is an expert in b2b business marketing services whereas, Brafton has the best b2c business solutions.

From an inbound lead to a closed deal you can optimize and streamline marketing programs in an effective and efficient way. In case, you need help with the process you can always depend on the best firms in the industries.

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